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  • Andrew

    Front facade: terrible. The idea of mezzanine above the living area: terrible IMO – would make me think like I’m living in the hotel lobby. There are tiny, weak glimpses of potential here and there, usually where they just use simple wood and stone – the lobby, games room, parts of the kitchen. But overall, a massive fail.

  • Daniel

    Built in 2010…HA! What a crock of sh!t. This is pure 1978 and it shows.

  • Teddi

    For an interior designer who likes a challenge.

  • Al Robinson

    I’ll go the opposite of the opinions so far. I like it! I think it’s got great potential. I would empty the stuff in it, and replace it with my own furniture and knick*knacks. I don’t even mind the mezzanine. I would use it as a “walking track” to exercise.

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