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  • Andrew

    Terribly busy on the outside, but not entirely repulsive once you made it indoors. Sure there are parts I could do without, but on the whole it’s not too bad. It seems to have a slight art-deco vibe which is not actually my favourite, but I’ll take it over the log cabin style I expected any day.
    … and if you had a bridge stretching over the pool, wouldn’t you want to be able to dive off it? … No? Just me then 🙂

  • Bill_in_NY

    I have mixed feelings. I want to like it, but the formal dining area (?) is way too small and the theater room is twice as big as it needs to be. I love the pool, but do we need 6 photos of it?
    And yes, Andrew, I too would like to dive off that bridge into the pool! It reminds me of a photo many years ago in Architectural Digest: you had direct access to the pool, via a large sliding glass door, from the living room which was one floor above! (It may not have been smart, but it looked like fun.)

  • Daniel

    Pool is the best part.

  • Teddi

    Not a fan of contemporary, not a fan of any of the Utah houses showcased so far. Was prepared to hate it on those two points as well as because of that really odd porte cochere, but I don’t. I actually like many parts of it.

    A little tweaking here, a little tweaking there and it really would be a lovely mountain retreat (for some reason, I cannot see it as a main residence. Has a more “would love to visit but wouldn’t want to live there” vibe).

    The only thing I really hate is that it only has a 3 car garage. Seriously??? 17,000sf with 8 bedrooms and they felt a 3 car garage was adequate? especially in a place that can get so cold? Leaving the cars out isn’t really a feasible option in this price range. Monumental oversight. As a buyer, that would throw me even if everything else was perfect.

    • Derek2

      The home does have a 4 car garage – you just can not see the 4th door in picture 2 above. Some web sites have the floor plans and you can see the garage has 4 doors and spaces.

      • Teddi

        I wasn’t going by the pics, I never do. I was going by the description above. Good to know it has space for 4 cars, but even that is barely sufficient.

        • Andrew

          My rule of thumb is that the number of car spaces in the garage should equal the number of bedrooms in the house. And for my own dream home it should be much larger, because my dream home comes with dream collection of cars and bikes 🙂

          • Teddi

            LOL. I have no desire to be a car collector but I also have rules. Mine doesn’t match with the number of bedrooms since I expect that a number of the rooms are for guests and not permanent residents.

            I have two rules in fact, depending on the circumstance:

            1. The number of bays should equal the number of residents plus 2
            2. The number of vehicles owned by the residents plus 2

            I think two extra spots covers any possible future vehicle acquisition as well as overnight guests.

  • Kelly

    If someone has a url for the floor plans could you please post it?

  • Al Robinson

    As Liz Lemon would say: “I want to go to there!!”

    Love love love. 🙂 That place is gorgeous!!

  • Emmanuel

    Gorgeous mountain residence…A house like this could convince me to become a Utah resident! There is very little to criticize here. The interior is just beautiful.

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