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  • Daniel

    Exterior is ghastly. What the heck is up with the fish eye images? I only like the front door and the view.

  • Sam

    Dubai is nice but this house is TOO Dubai. While going through the pictures all I thought was boring, boring, boring, boring, ooh rolls royce, boring, nice view. How forgettable.

  • Grrrowler

    The engineering it took to get all the different walls and ceilings curved like that is amazing.


    • Teddi


    • Bill_in_NY

      The engineering is easy…. the hard part is getting those knicknacks and vases to not fall off the tables and shelves!

      • Sam

        They must be secured down in some way. It really adds character!

      • Grrrowler

        The most incredible achievement is the way they get the chains holding the kitchen lights to remain bent. They must have used magnets.

  • Emmanuel

    It’s a nice house built on one the artificial Palm islands. The problem on those islands is the narrowness of the plots of lands. It shows here. Also the residences in those sand plots are mostly of the same size, same style because all the owners and architects wnat to maximize land use. The result is rows of houses that make the place look like luxury cookie cutters suburbia-on-the-beach…

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