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  • LE

    hmmm…with all the money spent on the mansion I can’t figure out why they hung fish tanks in the kitchen to be used as light fixtures.

  • Daniel

    Anyone else think the ceilings should be a couple feet higher? The rooms don’t look very proportioned to me. The living room is a beautiful space with stunning details, but it’s missing a bit of height in my opinion. The home is furnished as if it were a Ritz Carlton hotel…very clean and neat but lacking personality. I’m not crazy about the exterior either, especially the rear. Reminds me of Updown Court.

  • Scott

    I would like this a lot if I didn’t know that it was a mangled Paul Williams original. Sigh. As to the ceiling heights, the scale of the original house was much, much smaller.

    • Grrrowler

      “Mangled Paul Williams original”. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Koko

    $65M…$80M…why not asking $100M…? Bought it 3 years ago for $12M…Hm…what a waste of my time…!

  • c

    Some things about the house I love, other eh. The exterior is much better than the interior. The buyer got a deal bc the house needed so much work. They doubled the size of the house but honestly, the price is still completely insane. Maybe $35m.

  • Roz

    One cannot buy class with cash

  • Estate where architecturally: devoid of elegance just location where homes appropriate
    interiors look meek. Overprice Anderson Cooper or Steve Meisel looking larger estate,
    wonder shall rental decrease since gentrification destroying renters rights L.A!

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