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  • Nicholas Hinkle

    I really quite enjoy this Swiss gem. The exterior of the home is a little imposing, but not in a overly imposing manner. I love that the home looks this great, even though it is 114 years old. The interior decor is not for everyone and not most people who frequent this site. I really like the interior, actually. I think that it would be perfect, as a vacation home for Jason Belfort, if he were still at the height of his “grind”. I could totally see him snorting cocaine from hooker’s body parts in that gorgeous modern lounge. He could stay here while he transfers his money to Swiss accounts. This is a great weekend or vacation home. The solarium is nice and those gold accented ball fixtures are terrific.

  • Teddi

    10,000sf of weird. It’s as if all the rooms would be okay but they over tweaked and everything is just a bit odd. Not to mention the design style is all over the place. One room is intensely traditional, another is contemporary, another is an odd amalgamation of the two.

  • Grrrowler

    I was prepared to like it, based on the age, location, and quirky exterior. But, someone had to put in the hackneyed interior, which just ruins it for me. The retro bathroom is my favorite space; the rest needs to go back into the nightclub it was pulled out of.

  • Andrew

    Neither the exterior or the interior do much for me, but they might appeal to a rich Arab? I don’t know – can’t speak for them. All I know is that I’d rip out everything except the floors and start again…

  • Daniel

    I like the exterior, but as others have said, the interior is just too damn crazy. I feel bad for the soul that has to remove the mirrors in the dining room when the next owner buys this…hope you have thick gloves!

  • Rocco

    I can’t imagine anyone not having a seizure every time they open their eyes in that bedroom.

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