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  • george

    It can’t be N.J. or N.Y. because there isn’t 3 feet of snow on the ground.

  • Daniel

    Oregon, 9,000 sq ft.

  • tishauna

    i say Texas, or Connecticut, and i would guess 9-17 million.

  • Grrrowler

    Middle of the country somewhere, probably Missouri, and 10,500-ish square feet.

  • Chris

    Georgia, 7200 sq ft.

  • jdaddy98

    St Louis area and around 11,450 square feet.

    • jdaddy98

      Oh and I think the Price would be around 4.5 million.

  • Linda

    I’m thinking Nashville, 6500 SF, offered at 3.2 million

  • Chris

    St Louis. $4.75 million. 11,500 square feet.

  • Jeff

    8,500 sq feet
    Either Franklin/Nashville TN or Alpharetta/Atlanta GA
    2.85 million

  • mike

    it’s at the intersection of nouveau riche and lack of taste. approximate square footage is way more than is necessary. price is a metric ton, yet not as much as it would have taken to build it right.

  • Sam

    12000 sq ft
    $4 million

  • Alex

    With all the stone it’s probably Missouri. I can see on the left side the yard goes down, leading me to believe it has a finished basement. So that would mean 4 floors….has to be at least 11,500 sq. ft. Depending on the city and acres of land…I would guess $5,000,000

  • Dick

    St. Louis
    11,486 sq ft
    15,020 sq ft total living area
    A steal at $4.75 mil

  • T Man

    Ohio, 11,000 square feet, 2.4 million

  • Koko

    12,500 SqFt and $3.5M

  • Al Robinson

    Somewhere in the state of North Carolina. Size, I’m guessing 11,300 sq ft.

  • dan

    I’m thinking 19k sq ft on all levels.
    It could be anywhere except the deep south or southwest.
    Price depends on location: 5 – 10 million.

  • Teddi

    11,400 sf
    $4.75 million

    What do I win? 😀

  • Al Robinson

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