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  • mak

    If I wanted to look at content from houzz, I would go there, not here.

  • Daniel

    1) Poor horsey.
    2) Obnoxious home. Looks like you’re pulling up to the Coconut Creek casino.
    3) I really like the exterior (especially the rear), but using siding was a mistake. Interior, minus the staircase, could be nice. Need to see more.
    4) A very nice beigey beige home that looks like every other home in Naples. Lovely details throughout.

  • Sam

    That library in pic #8 is perfect. It’s probably breathtaking in real life. The house is pic #12 is also really nice. Pic #1 reminds me of Dmitry Rybolovlev’s Palm Beach mansion.

  • Tony

    I liked the San Francisco house cause it looks big for a San Francisco home and it doesn’t have another home jammed right next to it like most San Francisco homes. The interior looks pretty nice. But then I took a look at the exterior! The front facade looks kinda weird. Then I noticed a horse shackled to a tree in the front of the house look’n like Mr. Ed Meets Kunta Kinte or something. That looks so Beverly Hillbillies. Who has a horse shackled to a tree in the front of their home? If you are rich enough to have horses you should be rich enough to have a huge multi acre estate with horse stables and equestrian facilities. Having one lonely horse tied to a tree in the front of the home looks a hot stank mess!!

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