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  • Justin Taylor

    I’m so jealous. Why do my parents have to be so regular.

  • A/R


    One day you will learn that the true excitement of living in one of these homes is not being born into it, but acquiring a lavish estate for yourself one day. I’m no oligarch, I live in w gated community in Laguna Niguel..but I can tell you that the kids who grew up rich were often very confused and unhappy (many times secretly) while growing up..but coming from little and devoloping innovations in the market will allow you to see that while money is simply a value, it sure feels nice to kick back in your pool house with a beer not caring about it..

  • Andrew

    See? Poland really was the worker’s paradise. As Marx said, ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his need’… So if you need a stable for your 120 horses? There it is! … the house just gets thrown in as a bonus. 🙂

  • Venom

    Jesus Christ, is his father the King of Poland?

  • Andrew

    Parts of the house are quite lovely and impressive, but that wallpaper? It has to go!

  • Daniel

    Hooray for Poland being mentioned! The exterior is lovely, but as I’ve seen in almost any Polish home, the interior just isn’t up to the standards one would expect. Scouring Polish real estate websites, even the most expensive homes have (in American terms) basic interiors. Most of my family lives in and around Warsaw, and my uncle has quite a large home (for Polish living….6K sq ft), and having an ornate home is almost unheard of. Complete opposite of Russian interiors.

    For those that care, Konstancin-Jeziorna just outside of Warsaw is considered one of Poland’s most expensive suburbs. Some very charming mini palaces, including this one:


    • Tony

      I think the interior is nice. Especially for an older home. I think that one room with the weird wall paper is a hot mess. But the rest of the interior is good quality and ornate. I don’t see why you dislike it.

      • Daniel

        Okay, I’ll eat my words and say that looking through all the interior pics, it truly is not “bad” by any means. I just don’t like how the furniture looks lost in the huge rooms. There are nice details throughout though.

  • Teddi

    Absolutely love it. 86 the wallpapers and those drapes, and I personally am not a fan of marble columns or green carpet, but almost everything else I love. It’s formal and yet livable at the same time and doesn’t seem overwhelming in size despite the massive square footage. Kudos on that. I am so over the in-your-face cavernous rooms that have no point except to shock you with it’s size.

    This mansion seems built to be impressive AND to be a home. The appearance is one of sedate class without being boring. There’s style, so often absent from mega mansions.

    Imagine what they would have done to this interior in Russia or NJ or Vegas. There’s something to be said about anyone who is able to espouse wealth without the need to be ridiculously ostentatious.

    Whoever the anonymous reader is, please tell your dad that his estate is absolutely lovely. And that I’d be happy to visit 🙂

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior of this is beautiful. While the furnishings aren’t to my taste, there are some really lovely spaces inside too. The entrance way in particular is spectacular. During WWII it was owned by German Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus; that’s not something everyone can say about their house.

    • Teddi

      Who cares about the history when it dares to call itself a mansion and I don’t see a squooster in sight 😉

      • Grrrowler

        That wasn’t meant to be a negative comment on my part. I love history, and the connection to Paulus is a fascinating bit of it. For me, it only adds to the allure. And I agree; the only good squooster is a dead squooster!

        • Teddi

          I was being facetious. I love homes with history. I’m a history buff after all. Nothing against newly built homes since I personally always go for the newest property I can find since as a single female I believe newer properties have less issues to contend with. It’s just an awesome thing to say my house was owned by so and so, or visited by so and so, or my house dates back to so and so event. But your squooster naming in the other the other thread had me laughing so hard I simply HAD to tie it in here.

          • Grrrowler

            I figured you were being facetious. 🙂 And, I vacillated between squooster and squirster, but somehow squooster seemed to work better.

            I’m with you on houses with history, but sadly the only history mine has is that the first owner owned a porn studio.

  • Chris

    The interior is toned down and formal without being ostentatious. I really like it. This is a good example of taste.

  • Sam

    Some things I noticed:

    Really beautiful especially from the back facade.
    Front gate is amazing
    The house is extremely tall!
    That garage with 10 garage doors is nice.

  • Sam

    Poland is so dramatic

  • Tony

    This is a nice home. I don’t totally like the exterior but the interior is nice.

  • Koko

    Now this is something really interesting!
    Reminds me of some European churches…But what is with that 10 car garage separete doors? Get’s me dizzy…just to count all thouse doors! I like though the gate and the entrance – very majestic!

    • Andrew

      it wasn’t meant to be a garage but stables. They had separate stalls for horses inside – so it made sense to have separate doors as well.

  • Eric2

    My HEAVENS This place is QUITE a treasure! (swoons)
    Not sure what to say, a lot of what I would normally gush about has been said by others already. Its a true joy on many levels, I would echo some other comments by saying Whomever the readers dad is, let him know we give him a HUGE Thank You for having such a well done and simply wonderful house! If this had been in America, it would have been some gargantuan monstrous McMansion I’m sure… here, it fits perfectly and the interiors are actually quite Exquisite.

    My only thing, no pictures from inside the Tower 🙁
    I lOVE Towers on homes!!! 😀

    Eric “The Architecture curmudgeon”

  • Eric2

    Oh yes, don’t suppose he has the floor plans around? Would LOVE to see those for cub a house!!!

    • Teddi

      Ditto. Please please please let us see the floor plans. I’d die happy I’m sure.


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