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  • Nicholas Hinkle

    I hope that this home is built. It will be a modern architectural single-family marvel in comparison to David Siegel’s toilet of a boxed home. It seems to be a true castle instead of the mcmansion mock nonsense that is mostly built today. If high quality natural materials are used, the price to build this home could take a huge chunk of his estimated $130 million net worth. On the other hand, I’m not sure why you would build such a home of great cost with a net worth below $200 million. His financial planners and business managers must be scratching their heads and pulling out their teeth.

  • Daniel

    What is with this trend of building (or at least rendering) these gigantic “homes” in the shi*tiest locations? You have this, that castle like thing in Missouri, the doctor’s home in Thontosasmaosamhoma (central Florida).

    • Holly

      Have you every even been to Edmond, Oklahoma?

  • Koko

    Would love to see this home built. A real castle and not a BS mansion that most of the time is tasteless. Again – considering his net worth…I doubt the pocket will let him stretch so far. Plus let’s not forget the army of people required to service such a building and the maintenance cost…among others…
    But hei – dreaming REALLY BIG is absolutelly free!

  • Venom

    This is just ludicrous and come on, let’s not fool ourselves, his net worth is not big enough to ensure this is built with top notch materials and on par with anything resembling a real castle, not to mention it is in Oklahoma.

  • Al Robinson

    If build with quality material, this place could be really cool. I hope they build it.


  • A/R

    …aaaand it’s in OK..

    Building this home there is like owning a Ferrari on a deserted island..

  • Venom

    I suspect if anything it will turn out like this godawful monstrosity that has been featured on this site several times.


    I drove past it when I went through Missouri last month and it is much much worse than pictures or videos let on. It is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life.

    • Daniel

      Is it completed? Does it still look like it’s built out of cardboard?

      • Venom

        It is hard to tell if it is completed, I went by quickly, but all I saw was a giant mass of grey concrete when I drove by. I instantly knew what it was. It is one of the most terrible things I have ever seen in my life.

    • Teddi

      But the difference is that guy could afford to build and keep Pensmore, this guy cannot. I wonder if this is simply a publicity stunt. Staffing, utilities, groundskeeping etc is going to end up close to if not over $1 million a year and that’s after he builds it and wipes out his fortune. The entire thing is ludicrous.

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