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  • Andrew

    Whoever is responsible for this… off with their head!

  • Koko

    Is this a church or what?

    Whoever paid for this to be a residence, built it and lived in it must have been very sick in the head! Which proves again that money talks…nothing else!

  • Grrrowler

    The front entrance and motor court is perfect for any suffering from allergies. Once the two potted plants by the door are gone, there won’t be a spec of green or any flowers to worry about.

    The entrance hall, stairwell, and living room aren’t bad (minus every bit of furnishing), but the rest is just a disaster. Is that mosaic tile on the walls in picture 8? I guess they were going for a Turkish bath/gallery combination.

    The back of the house could be interesting, but it’s just too flat. Tear the whole thing down and re-use the stone to build something better.

  • Daniel

    Well, it is unique. Too ecclesiastical and austere. The rear looks like a totally different house. Interior is mostly a miss too.

  • Hoya

    Words fail. Not in the good way.

  • Last Man Standing

    You had me at the piano shaped kitchen island and the chandeliers.
    I didn’t know any Liberace fanboys were still alive.
    You know, I’ll have nightmares because of this.

  • Venom


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