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  • Grrrowler

    I really like the exterior. I think the bowed facade is interesting, and it’s exactly what I want an UES townhouse to look like. Inside, I’m pleased there are still lots of what appears to be original details. It’s definitely a blank slate, and a skilled decorator could make it stunning. I’m thinking that a new owner will want to modify the layout somewhat. The bathrooms seem very small, and there aren’t nearly enough of them upstairs.

  • Emmanuel

    I’ve been living in a 3 bdr NYC Upper East Side condo for the last 8 years. I see and have visited lots of these townhouses in my area. You have to get used to living on 5,6 or 7 different floors, which I just can’t. This one at least has an elevator. Some don’t. Must be painful if you’re not in good shape. So for 48 million $ in Manhattan I would go after a nice 2 story penthouse duplex instead of a townhouse…

    • Venom

      I agree, this is a little much, a penthouse would be a much better and preferable option.

  • Daniel

    I’d have to go along with Emmanuel and say I’d prefer a penthouse in the sky with skyline views over a townhouse in NYC. It is a lovely townhouse though.

  • Sam

    if I were to spend $48 million on anything in New York it would definitely be a penthouse with a good location and views. These town houses are not appealing at all to me.

  • Eric2

    WELL! I see I have come back from my Hiatus at a good time! SOOO Nice to see another lovely NYC Townhouse that has NOT Been gutted on the inside and replaced with Morosely Modern Furnishings!

    The interior is GORGEOUS and has a HUGE amount of potential for someone with the right frame of mind who likes townhouses. Of course thats the thing… You really have to LOVE townhouse layouts to enjoy this place. And for 48 Millions? I MIGHT pay HALF Of that for this place…. MIGHT

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

  • Chris

    I personally would prefer a town house in New York. If I were to buy in New York, I’d go with a town house like this. A town house is more appealing to me for multiple reasons. They’re more private and when it comes to price-per-square feet, they come out a lot cheaper and average about 1/3 the price. Yes you have to get used to living on 5-6 floors, but you could get a 6,000 square foot condo/apartment for $50 million or you could get a 15,000 square feet town house. Nearly double the square footage. They’re a better deal.

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