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  • Nicholas Hinkle

    “Almost $50,000,000 for a home in Atlanta. Ha, Ha, Ha!”

  • nalin

    it would be like living in a museum

  • stuart

    I think it is a lovely house. The furniture is a bit over the top, but it feels right in the place. Love the grounds and the narrow study lined with windows.

  • Daniel

    $48 million is a lot of money to pay for a foyer. Honestly, that is where all the resources went. I wanted to like the exterior but hate how the front of the home looks like it sunk into the ground. The asking price seems ludicrous.

  • Tony

    $48 million for Atlanta? You didn’t mention whether this is in Buckhead but I assume its not since you didn’t say that it was in Buckhead. That price is too much even if it were in Buckhead but if its not then that is just crazy. You can buy a huge mansion on 10 park-like acres in Buckhead right now for only $14,900,000. You could either renovate it for a couple million or tear it down and build a 50,000 square foot mega mansion and still spend way less than the cost of this house. I would much rather spend my money on something in Buckhead if I wanted a trophy estate in the Atlanta area and I definitely wouldn’t waste my money on this. I’d rather buy this 10 acre huge Buckhead estate below for only $14,900,000:


    • Teddi

      And that house has been on the market for 2 years. So people aren’t even willing to spend $15 million.

      • Brian

        This (Tony’s) historic estate has been on the market for way longer than 2 years. I would guess at least 3-4. It is an important, historic property, well worth the asking price. Based on that as a baseline, this listing is worth $8-10 realistically.

        • Teddi

          You’re probably right. I distinctly remember getting a notif for it over two years ago, but it could well have been on the market before that. The one Bieber bought had been on the market about 2 years as well. Homes over $10 million don’t get snatched up quickly here. There are a whole lot of properties that fall between the $1 million and $3 million range and those seem to move steadily. But the ones over that seem to sit for a really long time. even when the prices get slashed. So many of them just end up going to auction. If you’re going to build a really expensive house in Atlanta, you better plan on living there for good. I don’t know who told these people they could conceivably get $48 million for a non-historic estate here. It’s ridiculous. especially when other than the amount of land, there’s nothing special about it.

  • Venom

    It’s nice, but who the hell wants to pay almost $50 million to live in Atlanta?

  • rob

    Unless it comes with 30 million dollars worth of art on the walls it is about 30 million overpriced.

  • Teddi

    Apparently they think because large plots of land are hard to come by in Atlanta then they can charge this price. I say we take bets on how long it’s going to sit on the market and what the actually selling price will be. I don’t get the draw of Atlanta anyway. the traffic is horrendous. Alpharetta/Roswell is a lot more peaceful, very well-heeled with great schools and cheaper land. Not to mention all the stores are there. The only thing missing is Atlanta’s nightlife, but I say visit Atlanta when needed, do not live there. Traffic in and around the city is so bad, honestly, nightlife doesn’t make up for it.

    I can’t think of any property in Atlanta or it’s suburbs that’s worth this amount of money. This isn’t NY or CA. Property values here simply aren’t at this level. It’s not even historic. Furniture or not, this is simply wishful thinking.

  • Bill_in_NY

    The swimming pool is 400 feet away from the house….that’s 100 feet farther than the pool at Hearst Castle!

  • mak

    The real issue with this place is that it has no koi pond, and as every really rich person knows, old money and koi go together like caviar and toast points. I suppose they could put a koi pond in, but then it would be a nouveau rich koi pond and every really rich person that had OLD money wouldn’t want to be associated with it. It’s just not done.

  • Betsy

    Who owned this home anyways?

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