$47 Million Oceanfront Apartment In Jaffa, Israel | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    That is a lot of money. I do like the cave-like bathroom though.

  • Andrew

    I like that sort of thing: modern shell grafted onto historical frame, at best it creates interesting contrast drawing the best of both environments. Europeans often do that sort of thing well, if only out of neccessity, with all those historical buildings littered all over the place. I guess that goes for Israelis as well!

  • Andrew

    … but 47 mil. is a lot of dough for a 5 bedroom flat, apparently without garage (my favourite peeve!). Even if it is on the waterfront…

  • Emmanuel

    47 millions….47 millions…47 millions….47 million dollars? For 5700 sqft in Jaffa? We know land is scarce and expensive in Israel. But…

  • Sam

    I like the rugs and tables in pic 2… that’s about it.

  • justme

    breathtaking! no ocean there though 🙂

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