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  • LE

    I would take this $45 estate over the $65 million dollar estate recently posted based on just the layout of the property and grounds surrounding it, without even seeing the inside. If I’m spending that much money, I want enough land for a pool, tennis, formal gardens as shown on this property.

  • Daniel

    Outstanding. It’s nice to see that the owner restrained him/herself from going overboard. I love this inside and out, and I know a lot of dislike Beverly Park, but I think it’s a great place. Interesting to see how much they expanded the home.

    More photos here: http://finton.com/projects/results_project.php?S_id=00000000042&Search=Search

  • Erik

    This is Wayne Gretzky’s old house from when he played for the LA Kings!!

    • Nightmoves

      The house was built in 1998, Wayne went to St. Louis in 1996.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s pretty much gorgeous inside and out. This is how “grand but livable” is done.

  • Andrew

    I appreciate the room to move around the grounds but I disliked the interiors, rather violently in fact. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with them within the style they’re in, but that style is not my cup of tea…

  • Teddi

    except for the dining room and the too small kitchen, I pretty much love everything. It’s grand and oven a bit ostentatious without being obnoxious. I’m not even sure how they managed to create such a balance. The money is in-your-face and yet it’s still so dignified and elegant.

    And considering how much I hate statues being all over the place, I love the garden exactly the way it is. Wouldn’t change a thing. That in itself is a minor miracle.

  • JH

    Hey Kenny, here are some pics of Steve Wynn’s $70 mil. penthouse after renovations. Thought you may want to post them!

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