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  • Eric2

    Built in 1903 And BOY does it show!
    Must be something in the air recently, All of those wonderful NYC townhouse listings!

    Boy where to start on this? Well not many interior pictures, but what I can see is simply STUNNING! I guess to start with the HUGE central stair case!
    So good to see an Open staircase for once! Feels so much more “Majestic” especially with the Vaulted glass dome overhead. That itself is a nice find as many of those were junk by people wanting to “modernize” their homes…
    Living room on the 2ndfloor is nice. The dark red walls contrast nice with the White of the rest of the house.
    The Kitchen is a pleasant surprise. Usually those tend to be cramped or full of outdate appliances. This one, the ‘stretched out’ of it makes it feel a lot more open. The appliances are also nice, a HUGE Cook range, double ovens, all quite nice for someones who loves to cook,.
    Next room, well everyone knows how much I love rich, dark wood, so it;s no surprise how much I LOVE the library! It could use a couch or sofa however. something to relax on when curled up with a good book 😉

    Overall a really Stunning and amazing house!!
    Not so sure it is FORTY TWO MILLION Stunning… But it is nice!

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”


  • Daniel

    Minus the kitchen, I love this. I love the heaviness of the living room and the red walls. I bet you can smell the scotch and cigars as soon as you step through the front door of this.


  • Grrrowler

    It’s like stepping back in time, in a good way. I can appreciate this so much more than an old townhouse that’s been gutted and refilled with a contemporary interior. I do think the kitchen is way too cluttered; with all that cabinet space, can’t the cook find homes for all those copper pots and cookware above the ovens?


  • Venom

    One of the nicer town homes. I like it, not bad at all.



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