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  • Daniel

    Exterior is ghastly. Interior could have been great if the rooms were half the size.

  • Koko

    with the way the multiple beds are positioned this is clearly a place for a harem…

    • Bill_in_NY

      I believe those are lounges and not beds.

  • Andrew

    I think the interiors are quite lovely, actually. The exterior is not quite as good, though I’m prepared to cut it a little bit of slack for those deep and massive balconies as an adaptation for Dubai climate.

  • Teddi

    Hate the exterior. Love the interior

  • Emmanuel

    The exterior is bland and uninspiring. This house could be anywhere. I always wonder what people do with such cavernous space -32000 sqf in this case-. The house is built for someone wealthy and it shows in the choice of materials. But in this case the designer -Rochon- was a little short on imagination. Or maybe he just followed her client’s wishes. The whole thing screams “new rich eager to make a statement”! From Dubai to Qatar through Abu Dabi, Sharjah, houses like these are mushrooming…

    • Nash

      I think houses like these are all over the world. “New rich eager to make a statement” is not exclusive to any region or any people.

      • Emmanuel

        @ Nash

        No one said new rich eager to make a statement are “exclusive to any region or any people”. My opinion is a characterization of the feeling the house exudes… And this type of houses are not really “all over the world” as you pretend. You find them in places where people can afford them, especially in developed countries and most emerging markets, notably petro-States…

        • John

          @ Emmanuel

          From the way you structured your comment, it does appear that you were connecting your statement in quotes to the region. This is exacerbated by the sentence following the quoted statement.

          I can’t speak to the other assertion regarding the ubiquity of these types of structures, but I would imagine that they are found in a great deal of places and not just in developed countries or emerging markets. Even the poorest of countries may have some very wealthy individuals.

          The lack of clarity in the comments may be leading to misunderstandings.

          • Emmanuel

            @ John
            Thanks John. I agree with you that the way the comment was written could lead some to misinterpret it…

  • dan

    Very elegant and roooomy!
    I would hate to live in that part of the world. To much fighting for my taste. As lovely as it is now – it wouldn’t be much after a 2,000 pound bomb hit it.

    • Daniel

      Is this Dubai or Syria?

      • Andrew

        Don’t think for a moment that Dubai/UAE/Saudi Arabia could not become the next Syria… Syria was stable too – until it wasn’t.
        Of course, that’s true for any country anywhere. Including USA.

        • Daniel

          Anything is possible, but I think the sheikhs of the UAE are smart enough to prevent any such conflicts since there are so many billions invested there. Tourism has also catapulted Dubai as a top destination in the Middle East. I don’t recall Syria/Damascus ever being a huge business hub or tourist center.

          • Andrew

            ‘Ever’? I guess by ‘ever’ you mean the last 50 years…. otherwise you might want to refresh your knowledge of history of Damascus.

  • dan

    I remember Kuwait was such a wonderful place before the invasion. The US has forces stationed in the Persian Gulf to guard again a future attack. I still don’t trust Iran.

    • John

      I bet you dont trust Obama either

      • dan

        John, I’d rather discuss mansion porn than politics any day!


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