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  • Daniel

    I’m not terribly fond of Washington homes but this is very pretty. The shot through the front door is outstanding. The millwork looks exceptional. View is outstanding. Only thing I would do is remove the trellis from the front…or add a flowering vine on it.

  • Grrrowler

    In picture 1, I can see my house! (Well, where my house sits at least).

    I’ve sailed by this house many times, and it’s incredibly attractive from the back. I’ve wondered what the interior was like, and I’m not disappointed. I was afraid it would be another generic northwest modern, but it has some nice character to it. Some of the furnishings are too frumpy for my taste but it looks like a very comfortable house.

    I’m not sure this will sell for anywhere near its asking price. It’s in a beautiful location, but houses in this price range in the Seattle area historically haven’t been selling near their asking (at least those on the open market). The (lovely) Proctor Lane mansion on Mercer Island sold for 20% below asking, and it was priced below $30 million. The Boulevard Place mansion (like this place, originally asking $32 million) ended up selling for only 40% of that. And, a similarly-sized and aged house on north Mercer Island has been on the market since 2010 and is down below $20 million, even though it’s not as nice as the one we’re discussing.

  • dan

    Quite nicely done. It is true that homes of this caliber are rare in Washington state. Its one more reason to be depressed in the winter! Due to the climate around here, that little beach won’t get much use.

  • Venom

    Wow, this is fantastic, I absolutely love it.

  • Jackson

    Love it!!!

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