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  • mak

    Weird. Same property here listing for 16.5M : http://vickychrisner.com/idx/mls-fq8288409-12410_cove_ln_hume_va_22639

  • Koko

    The house looks old and tired. Nothing is attractive, except the acreage and privacy. But c’mon…this place is in the bunnies…location…?…OK maybe with a helicopter…What is with the price and acreage? $23.95M and $16.5M then 2000 acres vs. 1000 acres.

  • Daniel

    The foyer floor is hideous, and the obnoxious fireplace is pointless. I do like the living and dining rooms. The front facade has too many different window designs.

  • Teddi

    When an estate is this large, it’s not unusual for them to have more than one offerings, one with less acreage for less money or one with everything. Happens all the time.

    As for the property itself, I’ll be the dissenter here by actually liking it. As long as I don’t think of it as a primary residence, then it’s actually quite quaintly and old-fashionedly marvelous.

    Imagine having the property as a family retreat, or somewhere to chill and relax without any modern pressures. Ride horses, commune with nature, sit on the porch sipping mint juleps, catching fireflies, fishing down by the ‘crick’ (LOL)…a totally stress free environment. It’s absolutely perfect for that. As a primary residence or for formal entertaining it would get a big fat zero and I can’t imagine that it was built for that in mind. It looks like it was built to be a homey country estate and that’s what they have. I rather love it.

  • Andrew

    I’m with Teddi here, I think this is rather nice! I especially like the first picture- simple and uncluttered facade. No oversized windows, no giant entrance – just simplicity. As for the interors… come on – decorations will never be perfect for you because it’s not your house! They can, however, be easily adjusted. Generally I think it’s not too bad. Sure I would probably change some furniture and details to suit my taste, but if someone gave it to me on the condition I don’t change a thing, I’d still take it… unilke some of the monstrosities featured here that I honestly wouldn’t come near of, even for free!

  • Andrew

    … I’ve got to agree with Daniel too, though – that fireplace would have to go! Foyer floor is a bit ‘in your face’ but it doesn’t actually bother me too much.

    • Teddi

      The foyer is rather dramatic, which is weird since the rest of the house has no drama in it. But strangely, I didn’t even notice the fireplace initially, I was focused on the flooring. But I’m with you, it didn’t bother me either.

  • Last Man Standing

    I like it. Any fixes are small. I don’t even mind the foyer or the oversized fireplace there. I would arrange the furniture to feature this, not the way it is now.
    I would prefer the full land and not the half… as if the extra thousand acres or loss of a thousand acres is a deal breaker…but if I pretend I have 16 million, I might as well pretend I have 23 million.
    Yup, I’d buy it.

    • Teddi

      I’m totally with you. The full 2000 acres. It takes the same amount of energy to dream small as it does to dream big so go for the full enchilada I say. Imagine how wonderful it would be to own 2000 acres. I imagine it would be like owning your own principality. Monaco is only 500 acres after all. LOL.

      • Andrew

        You should come to Australia then – our largest cattle property (called Anna Creek Station) is almost 6 million acres, which according to wikipedia makes it larger than Israel, or Belgium 🙂

        • Teddi

          Thanks but no. I’m always surprised by how many of you make it to adulthood given how many animals you have there designed to kill you. I have two Australian friends, and between their stories and the Discovery channel, I only plan on limiting myself to a very short visit when I’m in my twilight years.

          • Andrew

            You know, statistically speaking our most dangerous animal is the horse. True story!

  • bigtony83

    Many homes on large acres have a heavy bear population

  • Homowner

    Finally, the ULTIMATE luxury- LAND! 2000 acres and only about a hour drive to DC ! The house is nice too, just paint the living room and dining room and I could move in. Then I’d replace the pea gravel in the motor court with heated, solid granite pavers, add a detached garage with apt. above, and balance it on the other side of the house with a pool/guest house. There’s a restaurant/inn just down the road one way and the Marriott Ranch the other way. Nice digs !

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