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  • Brian

    The only element I find remotely interesting is the elliptical center hall, but it’s marred by the solid “railing” on the third floor balcony. It’s too closed in and breaks up any repetitive pattern or connection between the floors.

  • Daniel

    The master closet looks spacious. Not much else to add here, other than a lot of color.

  • Emmanuel

    21000 sqft is a lot. The way this house is built doesn’t make me want to live in. The grand entry/center hall and other elements don’t make it look or feel as a residential property. It’s not “homy”… I see the building being used as a place companies rent to hold weekend working/brainstorming retreats for their mid-level staff and managers -maybe because I’ve participated to retreats my employer organized in places that look like this one on Long Island…-

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    The sunroom has a magnificent view. They may be competing with the folks in Florida.

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