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  • Daniel

    Why even bother mentioning this from the 1920s when there isn’t a single element from that period. Just call it new construction. Even so, it’s terribly boring.

    • Teddi

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I was skimming through the photos thinking that sure is a lot of boring. Odd floorplan too.

  • Andrew

    There are some things left over from the oroginal: some fixtures, ceilings, deep windows and of course, the outside shape. I suppose they moved the kitchen – it was originally somewhere else, well away from the main living areas as was the custom back then. This possibly accounts for the odd layout Teddi mentions, though I’m not really seeing anything especially odd about it?

    • Teddi

      There’s a small squooshed up kitchen in the back corner of the house. There seems to be some kind of dead space between the dining room and the study, and the worst feature is the three-way, narrow dark hallways coming right off the foyer. So instead of the foyer opening up into something, you go directly into a windowless maze. Not to mention that the dining room is egregiously far away from the kitchen. To me, all of that seems very odd.

      • Andrew

        It’s not *that* far away… one hallway 5 meters long according to plan. Narrow, dark hallways? That’d be another original feature left over from the 20s 🙂


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