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  • Daniel

    I’m a sucker for water features so I love that little stream inside. Not sure how good it’ll look in 5-10 years, but whatever. Not crazy about the home itself. Pretty boring.

    • Barney

      I’m in TOTAL AGREEMENT with you about the water feature, Dan….I AM NUTS about it….and it couldn’t possibly be more unique. I love the house, and especially the room in back with the rounded corner-wall….VERY nice lines & proportions. But the decorating could definitely use a deft hand & eye as far as color, texture, size, proportion & good ole’ style goes. Some added architectural features in the form of natural stone & wood feature walls, maybe a good-sized aquarium, some great feature walls with the exactly right kind of wallpaper and furniture with a pulse would go a long way here and take this house from beautiful to GORGEOUS. Still love it as is, though.

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