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  • Brian

    Despite an elegant Beaux-Arts facade and neighbor to the former Playboy Mansion, the “renovation” managed to strip every vestige of elegance and sophistication the interior must have had at one time. Even the electrical outlets installed mindlessly above the baseboards show how little design was invested. The home theater looks like a converted subdivision garage. A fireplace in front of the pool? Please.

    • The Dilettante

      It’s not a renovation, it’s a new construction.

  • Daniel

    Echoing Brian’s comment, the exterior gives a sense of permanence. The interior gives a sense of cheapness. Quite honestly, I’ve seen nicer interiors in townhomes for a tenth of the price.

  • Venom

    Nice exterior, but a pretty damn cheap interior, especially for $5 million. Looks on par with a something you would see in a $300,000 house in Michigan.

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