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    Otessa Regina Compton

    I would include many tropical colors, but I do love it, the kitchen is not exactly my kind of kitchen, but I love it. This home does seem very crisp, and for some reason it does have a magical spell.

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    Why do photographers insist on using these dusty looking HDR pics? I’ve only seen it done correctly once or twice, and on something much much more opulent.

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    Not sure I like the way the house is sitting on an angle relative to the shoreline. I mean you’re outside on an upper level of the house, gazing out at the yacht of your next door neighbor?…, thank you.

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    This is not the best that Mercer Island has to offer (although, it’s not the worst either). Considering the neighborhood, it’s a lot of square footage for the money, but it’s not very nice square footage. This is my least favorite waterfront area on the island; I’d much prefer something off of West Mercer Way, south of I-90.


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