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  • Daniel

    An outstanding residence. One of the best renovations/additions I’ve seen to a historic property I’ve ever seen. Even though it isn’t ocean or lakefront, it is in my favorite part of Palm Beach, very near Worth Avenue. The exterior is supreme, and I like the formal and eclectic mix of the interior furnishings. I even like those gigantic lamps in the foyer.

    • Daniel

      God I really need to re-read my comments before submitting them…

  • Jason

    Stunning and peerless in every sense of the word. This is how an older house can be renovated, expanded and brought back to it’s glory with out losing an iota of it’s charm. The pecky cypress, wood beams and beige tones can all conspire to make this a bland house, but the designer deftly added reds, blues and modern art to keep it lively and current. Some rooms are over the top with the lavishness of the furnishings or the walls of bird studies- but it’s all so top notch and curated it works. I love this house! especially the simple churrigueresque entry facade with it’s regal lions and escutcheons.

    I’ve seen the listing, but not one with all these superior pics. Or as extensive a number of photos. Good find Daniel B.

  • Jason

    thanks…of course it’s awesome- it’s a Marion Syms Wyeth

  • Tony

    This looks way better than that ice cream cake hot mess!

  • Tony

    If I were a Palm Beach snob then I’d prefer either of these two estates over that ice cream cake catastrophe. One is only $32 million with tennis court, its not ocean front but is way better architecture. The second one is only $22 million and it is direct ocean front with tennis court.

  • Silvan

    Hey Kenny awesome work as usual man. Can I suggest a place i just found ( check the gallery, it’s 1911′ place recently restored, the interiors are pretty good quality in my opinion.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    One can say this home is truly captivating. I see four totally different environmental blends in this home: France, China, American Ski Resort, and some Italian, but you must say they all come together in one mansion.

  • Grrrowler

    It really is beautiful. Some of the interior elements are not my style, but overall it’s simply impeccable. I was about to make a comment about the price, considering it doesn’t abut any water. But, I then realized that we’ve seen houses in Newport Coast for the same money are that nowhere near as beautiful as this.

  • Hunter

    Gorgeous estate…simply stunning.

  • Andrew

    It makes me ponder the difference in tastes, reactions and the fine line between ‘boring’ and ‘sterile’ monochrome decors on one side, and ‘warm’ and ‘classic’ on the other… While I admit some monochrome interiors can be a bit too monochrome, this one is way, way too much for me. So many competing styles, colours and textures, to my eyes not complementing each other at all, just thrown together at random… Rather like vomit, actually.

  • Justin

    Andrew, I TOTALLY agree with you…this place is too much. I attended a New Years Eve party here and as the crowd got drunker we all got nervous not to fall into any of the artifacts. I love the way the realtor ‘staged’ a football game on the bar TV….(honey, let me tell you that the two gay queens who live in this house will NEVER watch football…LOL ) Anyway, this is an example of a couple who bought an old house several years ago , did a $10million dollar renovation, and is shooting for the stars to recoup their investment…….OOPS, they forgot it is NOT ocean or lake front. So, now this house is $10 million overpriced.

    Why hasn’t this site ran with the news that the old Kennedy Estate “The Camelot Winter White House” is on the market ? John & Marianne Castle no longer want the house.

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