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  • Sam

    Wow. What an unfortunate use of money. Umm, I like the floors.

  • Chris

    Since when did it become a thing to turn half built airports into mansions? Seriously this thing looks like a half built airport turned mansion. Its just awful.

  • Brian

    If I was in the market for a Ramada Inn, I would seriously consider this. I think the guest room count of 6 is way low, though.

  • Teddi

    Talk about the agony without the ecstasy. Hideous.

  • Justin

    I assume this would be a good Utah mansion to practice polygome . What is with the cheap TV on a table in the living room and the stupid placement of a sofa in the middle of the bedroom…HA ! I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit ….I got to go

  • Wanker

    This guy got his bung hole plowed in prision for 33 months for tax evasion, he got out and started hanging around ‘paid’ Russian snatch which explains the décor .

  • L

    How is this not in Russia? Talk about a geographical glitch.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I really do not care for the animal heads or the basketball court, and abundance of white in the kitchen, other than these three aspects, I really CAN NOT, AND I MEAN CAN NOT find any thing I DO NOT LIKE!!! This place is AMAZING!!!

    • Teddi

      You must take the best happy pills ever created. Is there anything ever featured you haven’t absolutely loved? Not being facetious, I really want to know.

  • Nicholas Hinkle

    Client: I want something really large but, it doesn’t have to be stylish or of good quality.

    Builder: I’m just the man for you. Now, give me $30 million.

    Client: Okie doke. I go potty now.

  • Koko

    Calm down people!!!
    This is a nice house with solid bones! A good interior decorator will do marvels…! Exclude the furniture you see – as that is trash.

    75 acres + gym, home theater, indoor shooting range, indoor basketball court, indoor swimming pool with rock waterfall and slide, 2-lane bowling alley, massive stone terraces – this is a RESORT – so I understand if some people do not like when resorts become homes! My Segway is ready!

    • Hunter

      This is a pretty nice estate. Yes it’s pretty white, but it’s also very stylish. Sorry but I don’t believe anyone on here who says they can tell the quality of a house from pictures. Yes the staging of the house is weird, but the quality of the materials used to build the house can only be seen in person. As usual the jealous haters made their boring I hate the Rich comments, and immediately ripped the place apart. Sad but true. I’d happily take this place, you could easily make it your own.

      • Koko

        Hunter – read again my posting…and hopefully you will better understand what I wrote. Your response – the way it is – should have not be directed to my posting.

  • Mak

    Idiocy of epic proportions. This man must have a VERY tiny penis.

  • Venom

    Umm okay. The only redeeming portion of this house is the indoor pool. One can never have enough dead, defenseless animal heads hanging on your walls, trust me. A truly manly man.

    • Bill_in_NY

      I don’t begrudge the guy’s love of hunting, (I did it myself when I was younger), but for the purpose of trying to sell the house I agree the fish and game heads should have been taken down.

  • mak

    Built by a guy who made millions with a multilevel marketing scam. Utah is really good at hiding these guys.

  • Daniel

    The only use for this house would be to re-enact this scene:


  • Needs2BSaid

    Mowers = Mormon MLM sleazeball corrupt tax evaders.

    • Francisco D Anconia

      Thats like saying christians=Westboro. Way to make a hasty generalization cheeky little buggar.

    • Dustin Currie

      I was wondering who would make such a monumentally bad real estate decision. 50k sqft in hobble creek?? thats nuts. Move to Malibu or something.

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