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  • Daniel

    I don’t hate it, but it’s staged like a furniture showroom. Everything is too perfect. I’d be terrified to spill something on the carpet.

    • Jason

      you’re right. It’s lovely and well done, but doesn’t have a homey feel. That’s coming from someone who likes high concept design that looks straight out of a magazine. There’s a lot of RH in this house. It is beautiful, though.

  • Jason

    this is a lovely home with great interior spaces. nice vaulted ceilings, stunningly beautiful kitchen, well proportioned comfy spaces. nice grounds, good architecture.

    the only faults:
    -the entry surround is too wide and does not have enough detail. It’s probably a paired down look, but doesn’t work on this house.
    -the ugly painted interior stone. awful, I’d rather them have used natural colored stone or drywall.

  • opinionfree

    The lone arched exterior window above the entry pediment is too small. It throws the proportions off. I like that it mirrors the dormer windows but it isn’t large enough to balance the strong (and beautiful) statement of the surround.
    Nice house.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I do like the grounds and the landscape, the exterior looks home spun and cozy. The mirror in the bathroom is beautiful.

  • L

    For me, this home is perfect. Everything is where it should be, there is no tackiness, garishness or offensive colours. It’s easy on the eye, yet luxurious and architecturally pleasing. Reminds me of this similarly simple-coloured abode in Australia: http://homesoftherich.net/2013/11/beautiful-country-estate-in-victoria-australia/

  • Al Robinson

    I really like it. Sure, the furniture does seem a bit stuffy for me, and I agree about what Daniel said about spilling on the furniture. But still, I like it’s architecture, and it looks like it’s got a good flow. Plus, you can’t beat that enormous backyard pool area. I would just sit out there every evening and watch the sunset, while sipping on a Corona with lime.

    BTW, doesn’t this house, especially the furniture seem to have that American Beauty vibe to it? I can just see Annette Bening dusting up in there.

  • Andrew

    I like it overall, but these beams on the ceilings don’t belong in this space – this is not a barn you’re building, people!

  • Chuck.Raney

    This house was just bought (June 2014) by Kim Kardashian and Kanye.
    New construction over an old Lisa Marie Presley property.

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