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  • Daniel

    Oh come on. I know Naples is overpriced and all, but this is laughable. At least it is on ocean access water. The exterior architecture looks nice but is by no means extraordinary. For $49 million I could have 2 or 3 very nice homes in prestigious locations, much more than Naples.

    • Doug

      Yeah I’d have to agree that this is laughable. I do recall reading in the Wall Street journal last year or maybe even the year before, about two homes in Naples that had sold for around $40 million. (both were off market deals and I don’t think either home had ever been publicly listed) However, both of those homes were on oceanfront lots. And they were both far nicer houses. This is just a typical cookie cutter Florida home. Frankly I’d bet we don’t even need to see interior pics of this one to figure out what it looks like inside, because judging from the exterior it’ll look exactly like every other tacky over-priced Florida home. You can get a better house in Naples for way less than what this is asking.

    • Marko
  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I really do not care for this one, looks too much like a golf course and I do not play golf, but for someone who does, this would be an ideal view.

  • Venom

    Just came back from Naples, had not been there in a little while, truly gorgeous out there. That being said, I would not spend that kind of money to live out there and definitely not for this property. I would walk up to the Beaux Arts home in Boynton Beach instead and beg the guy to sell it to me.

    • Daniel

      Can someone explain to me why it is taking so long for him to finish that art gallery/playroom/guest house next door? It has been at least 5 years. With that said, I agree with you. At least you’ll get something noticeable and memorable, even if the location isn’t the best.

      • Venom

        I love love that house, I rarely get emotional about a house, but I want that thing bad. If I win the Powerball tonight I am making an offer on it tomorrow.

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