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  • Kingstigo

    Wasn’t it under construction a year ago

  • RickAce

    Clicking the listing link shows some additional pictures… the grounds look phenomenal!

  • Daniel

    Dead grass everywhere…ick.

    • Hoya

      Not dead, dormant. That’s what Bermuda grass does in the winter. By the 2nd week of April or so, it’ll be reasonably green. You can choose to overseed with rye grass in the winter if you really don’t want to see the dormant grass. Most people don’t, even in many of the upscale neighborhoods.

  • Koko

    Did you guys look at the neighborhood??? Click on listing and go Bird’s View. Only homes for $300K in the entire area…on less than 1 acre each!!! Who in the world builds a 28K SqFt monster in such a neighborhood on 14 acres? No wonder he never moved in…I wouldn’t also. What a sick person…good luck in getting anything above $4M for it. Even $4M is too much for that Location – Location – Location…!!!

    • Kelly

      The person is sick? You don’t need to like the house but it’s unfortunate that you would attack someone you don’t even know.

  • L

    You’ve got to love how the driveway is longer than many of the streets nearby.

  • Matt

    just gorgeous!!! except for the bathroom cabinets…

    • Bill_in_NY

      The cabinets, or just the doors?

      • Matt

        I guess the color. I would not mind if they were all painted completely white, or stained. I just think the gold is too gaudy.

  • king daniel

    wow just wow, i love it its a masterpiece but its probably not livable because of the cost of upkeep and the neighborhood is not so desirable for rich people i would love to see more of the interior

  • L

    Ever since the Stone Mansion and the hundreds of Toorak townhouses that have sprouted up over the past 20 years, I can’t help but dislike (as much as I love cars and lots of room for them) garages annexed to massive classical-style homes unless they’re in a well-integrated, secluded courtyard or underground garage. Architects no doubt have to work twice as hard to design a sufficiently large garage that doesn’t significantly detract from the core facade of the home. Even the aforementioned stone mansion, which I think ranks alongside Chateau Louis XV as one of the greatest homes built in this century, looks worse off for the consequent non-symmetrical layout.

  • mak

    The swimming pool area is the most unimaginable treatment of a pool one could come up with.


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