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  • Marie

    I like the house but it’ll probably get less than what is being asked considering if reports are true, Rick Ross just bought the former Holyfield property for around this much and got 6 times the amount of land and house. I realize all things considered this property is located in a far more exclusive and prestigious part of Atlanta than the Ross purchase but the housing market is definitely not all the way back and may never be again.

    • Teddi

      Another big difference is that Holyfield property costs about $1 million per year to maintain. That was a big consideration in what the bidding price would be. Very few people would want to spend that much on utilities and upkeep even if they could afford it. Not to mention anybody buying it knows they’re going to have to sink in millions more into that place to turn it into something that would give them a return on investment.

      You definitely can’t compare these two properties. Apples and oranges.

  • Daniel

    Very drab photos. Not doing this home any justice.

    • o2

      Another predictable comment from the children’s table. Seriously, stop.

      • Daniel

        Another insightful comment that adds nothing to the discussion. You should have posted it when this property was still on the first page of the site.

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