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  • Daniel

    Putting aside the shiteous pictures, the view and the location are the only positives.

  • Grrrowler

    Who smeared Vaseline all over the camera lens? I like the pool, but the rest is impersonal and unimaginative. I’d much prefer the house just up the hill and behind this house, as seen in picture 1.

  • WrteStufLA

    @Grrrowler … Check out the listing. One of the 2 villas in the compound is apparently the older, original — and what you prefer.

    • Grrrowler

      I was thinking that too, but it’s hard to tell. The satellite image doesn’t show a clear property division between the two houses: http://binged.it/1fdJf96. I can’t tell if this is property is L-shaped or only spans the east/west lots.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Modern, elegant, and soft spoken. Ideal for retired folks, that do not want much to keep up with, and for easy passage.

  • Teddi

    Completely lost me at 10 bedrooms with 6 bathrooms. That’s way too much sharing for a compound.

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