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  • Mak


    #1 is stupid.
    #2 is ok.
    #3 is cold as ice.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I would have to go with Number Four, Number Two would have to take second place.

  • Daniel

    2 is the best IMO. I don’t think you can call the stairway a dining room, can you?

  • Grrrowler

    Number 4 by a longshot. Number 2 is OK but doesn’t feel special. The other two are just bad.

  • Teddi

    #2 followed by#4

  • L

    #2 is undoubtedly brilliant, but #4 wins with those views.

  • BionicWoman

    Definitely #2 followed closely by #4.

  • Bill_in_NY

    #2, although I’d take #4 with a different chandelier.

    BTW Kenny…I love your sense of humor by adding #1 to the mix.

    • Ruby M. Robinson

      Love the comment and I agree!

      • Bill_in_NY

        Thank you! 🙂

  • Ruby M. Robinson

    #4 followed by #2! #1 cannot be considered a dining room! can it?

    • Bill_in_NY

      No, and I really don’t know WHAT you’d call it. Personally, I don’t try fathom the thoughts or the idiosyncrasies of the uber-rich. I merely shake my head, smile to myself, and move on to the next photo. KCCO.

  • Jason

    in my preference order-

    #4- love the round shape, the ceiling, the branch chandelier and overall elegance of the room .
    #2-very elegant- too traditional, but not outdated. very classy.
    #1- interesting design. I like the staircase and wine storage below, but I just can’t get the showy staircase in a dining room-especially if it’s an open concept design.
    #3- hate most of it. cold, bad modernism, bad scale, horrible furnishings. obsessed and in LOVE with the Hudson “Mother” chandelier. “Can I have it once you bulldoze the condo?”

  • opinionfree

    #4 is a beautifully intimate dining room. As a guest, I’d enjoy the meal and the company.
    #2. You’d get a good meal but I’d be very uncomfortable eating it there.

  • Al Robinson

    #4. First, yes, you can’t beat those views. Second, it’s in it’s own nook, which I think is great. Last, for what “formal” is, I prefer “relaxed”, and I think that #4 looks the most “relaxed”.

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