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  • Daniel

    I’m surprised one of the studios hasn’t picked this up. Would be an excellent place to shoot movies. I think it’s a fantastic home. The perfect henchman’s lair.

  • Grrrowler

    This is the architectural equivalent of a Bev Doolittle painting. I think it’s amazing. The ceiling in the master bedroom is spectacular, and the whole thing looks like one giant sculpture.

  • Andy

    I agree it is a perfect movie location – definitely a space alien home!

  • L

    At just $3m, something tells me this home is being sold at a significant loss. And whilst it’s architecturally magnificient, it’s very ugly.

    • Daniel

      I don’t think they can ask for more considering the extreme design, and even more so considering the location. Located in the middle of nowhere.

      • Tony

        Daniel, I think something like this could probably sell if it was in Malibu. Remember that house Courtney Cox sold in Malibu for like $40 million? It looked kinda weird like this. Not this weird but close. However, Dick Clark’s weird looking house in Malibu had a real hard time selling. I think Dick Clark’s home still hasn’t sold. But I still think this home would have a good chance of selling if it were in Malibu. I think the location is the real problem more than the design.

  • Tony

    Kenny, are these interior pics real? They look like renderings to me. They look like cartoon drawings or cgi or something.

  • Coon

    Certainly a work of art and an impressive piece by the architect but i’d never want to live there. Totally over the top

  • A

    This is the second home ballers like Henry T Nicholas buy as a “trip” spot..i.e. a weekend retreat for hallucinogens..not to say it’s a bad thing..just the reality of the situation hah.

  • Jason

    WILD! this is certainly not my taste- and I would never live out in Joshua Tree, but I applaud the architect, builder and anyone involved in the design for having the imagination to conceive this house. I’d far rather see this than some gaudy, badly designed McMansion of any style.

  • Teddi

    It’s intensely interesting and inarguably unique, but I would never want to actually live there. I agree it’s artistic and yes, one would have expected to see it in a movie by now, but as a permanent residence, this ‘home’ is way too out there for me. Both in design and location. Take the personal residence status away from it and I’m fascinated. It looks like a mutant armadillo.

  • opinionfree

    Living with, or in, fine art is difficult, at best. It would make a wonderful weekend retreat for contemplating my place in the universe.
    Joshua Tree is one of those spiritual nexus places where the little green men come to interact with the humans. This house must be like the mother ship. I love it.

  • Chris Kohler

    From what I’ve heard Joshua Tree is still the #1 destination for Hollywood douchebags and LA hippies who want to go on a mushroom, peyote or mescaline trip, so you might have to deal with a eccentric kind of traffic and trespassers on a daily basis if you’d live there.

    • Al Robinson

      Chris, did you ever watch HBO’s “Entourage”? There was an episode just like that. They went to Joshua Tree and took mushrooms. It was a great episode.

      • Chris Kohler

        Thanks. I haven’t seen that, but I am not surprised.

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