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  • Teddi

    #1 takes my breath away. It might be too pretty to sweat in.

    #5 is actually to die for but that one pic doesn’t do it justice. It isn’t a gym, it’s an entire fitness center. Has its own foyer, one door leads to the exercise rooms, another leads to the spa, steam room, massage room and meditation area. In a word it’s spectacular.

  • Mak

    My trainer would laugh at these places. They’re hock full of expensive, unneeded equipment. You can get a tremendous workout merely using your bodyweight as the resistant mass.

    • Al Robinson

      Mak, would your home gym include a koi pond? 🙂

      (I ask because I know you love koi ponds)

  • Al Robinson

    I would pick #’s 5 and 14. But, you gotta love the Buddhist statues in #11. Those are Buddhist statues (aren’t they??)….???

    • Teddi

      I liked that one too. The problem I have is that those statutes always evoke peace, clam and tranquility for me. I don’t want to be peaceful and calm when working out. It’s war.

      • Al Robinson

        That is a great point Teddi. I wouldn’t want to be tranquil and calm either. The battle of the bulge is indeed war! 🙂

  • Daniel

    4 would be perfectly suitable.

  • Iemand

    Seriously? Chandeliers in a gym? A fireplace?

    Clearly some designer went nuts here.

    Just keep it simple, with the bare minimum of equipment. Nothing more.
    People we know because of their great physique didn’t get it from these – way to expensive – equipment; keep that in mind.

    • Teddi

      Come on. Live a little. It’s purdy.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I am not one for gyms, me being more of a spa and yoga type person, but if I had to make a choice 1, 5, and 9 would come in first place, and 8 and 10 would have to take second place.

  • Ramon


    This is really my ultimate gym… on the right side of this picture. I am in love!!


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