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  • Daniel

    Whoever took photo 4 is a brave soul (but not a very good photographer). I think I’d collapse from vertigo if I attempted to take it.

  • Grrrowler

    My suggestion to the realtor is to not use a photographer with Parkinson’s for future listings.

  • ZigZagBoom

    I like it better than most newish NNJ ‘mansions’. It’s fairly restrained…there’s nothing particularly offensive about the architecture to me. You could almost imagine it’s an old Main Line or Gold Coast home from the 1920s. There are probably too many shrubs in front, but at least they are of only two complimentary forms (phallic and yonic LOL) and not a busy, wannabe botanical garden as is sometimes the case. I can imagine something similar in front of an old suburban mansion of Paris, for example. The Chambord-inspired stairway is at least attempting a respectable form of architecture homage. I wish we had a better picture, but I’m pretty sure there’s no awful front facing garage doors.

  • ZigZagBoom

    BTW Grrrowler…LMAO at your comment.
    I like the modern art in front. Also something you could see in Paris!

  • ZigZagBoom

    I found a few more pics on the architect’s website.

    It’s a shame they didn’t bribe the utility to place the meter somewhere a little less noticeable, but I’ve seen this disease affect other high end properties.

  • Venom

    Nah, not very good. I have been in a house that did the staircase thing you see in pic #4 right. It had a circular staircase first in the basement and then another one one the main floor and you could see straight up from the basement to the ceiling of the second floor and the ceiling was hand painted like the sky. It was really awesome looking.

  • ZigZagBoom

    Venom the staircase you mention might have been more spectacular, but a wide open cantilevered floor stair hall, with free floating stairs, would not have complemented the quasi-French Renaissance style of this house.

  • greg d

    wrong address


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