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  • Daniel

    Not a bad home. Seeing this style of home on so much land is a bit odd. Can someone explain the setup of the dining room to me. Four sets of 3 chairs seems very odd to me. Dining room chandelier is hilariously bad.

  • Jason

    I like this house. it’s a nice blend of modern with some features that have intentionally been designed for a rustic feel. And of course, New Zealand is a gorgeous place.

    I don’t love the chandelier, but I like it’s architectural quality. It’s more of an ambient lamp as the light shines downward and up and not throughout the room. I also like the table and the communal feel it imparts to the diners. I’d rather a large round table, but this has the same close-in and conversational feel.

  • Sam

    Kim Dotcom’s Auckland mansion is 1000x better.

  • CraigNZ

    I like this house although it’s more Hellensville than Riverhead!

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