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  • Daniel

    Super ambitious price, considering the former Black residence just south of this sold for about a third of the price. I think I’d prefer to have Lake and ocean views to just direct oceanfront. The design looks identical to John Volk’s work from the 1960s. I’ll save my judgement when I see the final product, landscaping and all.

  • Jason

    Wowy zowy. I like what I see, but have to wait till it’s done to know that I think it’s great. With a price like that, it should have a more detailed model as well. I need to visit Palm Beach too. Love the architecture, but hate the interior design of most of what I see.

  • Tony

    Sorry for my language Kenny, but this house looks like a hot piece of shit. First off its not direct ocean front so the real snooty real estate snobs wouldn’t wanna pay that price. This home has a street separating it from the ocean. Then there is the issue of the home itself. That looks like some broke down mis-shaped Motel or something weird. Its at an odd angle. Its butt ass ugly. It looks a hot ass stank mess. This is a hot broiling dump of a hot ass mess! They need to bring in Landry or Hablinski or Manion or someone with some talent and maybe Finton construction or something to do this up right. And it shouldn’t cost more than $35 million, maybe $40 million, unless it is direct ocean front then they can charge $60 million or more.

    • Venom

      You clearly know nothing about Ocean or Palm Beach. My buddy lives on Ocean, his house is about $25 million. In fact I will be out there tomorrow.

      • Tony

        What the hell are you talking about? I know a lot about Palm Beach. Are you stupid? What you said proves my point. Your friend’s house is worth $25 million. Not over $65 million. I don’t think this dump which has a street separating it from the ocean is worth in excess of $60 million. I have never seen a house in Palm Beach sell in excess of $60 million that wasn’t direct ocean front. Maybe there might be one but I can’t recall. I can only think of a handful that sold for over $60 million. The one that trump sold is one, but that was on like 5 acres and was direct ocean front. Anyway you only proved my point dumb ass.

        • Justin

          TONY, YOU ARE SO RIGHT !

      • Daniel

        You’ve mentioned your buddy in Palm Beach several times, and I’ve always tried to figure out who it is. You’ve dropped a couple hints (tunnel going under A1A to the ocean), but I can’t put my finger on it. Give me more hints!

    • AC

      @Tony – congratulations! You successfully used the term “hot broiling dump of a hot ass mess” in a comment. This project is designed by Bridges & Marsh (to answer your comment farther down), a local firm with years of extensive experience in new construction and sensitive restorations in and around Palm Beach. And no, I am neither an employee nor a past client. I am, however, a residential architect on the east coast who has worked on projects with similar price tags, and to suggest that a house like this one, which is rooted in the history of Floridian regency architecture, would be better replaced by some hulking McMansion designed by one of your “talented” Los Angeles architects is offensive and misinformed. Just by looking at the model with a modicum of architectural knowledge, one can see that B&M have made several design choices that are based on tradition, circulation, and common sense. If you don’t like it, that’s your prerogative, but before you make aggressive and angry proclamations, pick up a book about architecture or the history of Floridian houses, and make sure you know at least one thing about the topic. I will concede that the price does seem pretty ambitious.

  • Tony

    Another thing there are two missing windows in the front of the home. I don’t know if that is a flaw in the design of the model or if those windows are missing cause there is gonna be a theater room there or some room in which they do not want any windows but that looks a hot mess too. Why are the two windows missing??

  • Tony

    I just found a way way way better deal. For only $13,500,000 you can buy a 2+ acre lot in the estate section of Manalapan by the old Vanderbilt estate. I know its Manalapan and not Palm Beach but this is a nice part of Malapan. This lot is DIRECT OCEAN FRONT and INTRACOASTAL! Its only $13.5 million and you could probably talk the price down to close to $10 million if you are good at negotiating and then you can build a way nicer Finton construction home for only $500 per square feet. John Finton himself said that his high quality homes cost only $500 per square feet so that means you can build a 20,000 square foot home for only $10 million. So total cost for lot and home is $23,500,000 for a huge direct ocean front intracoastal mega mansion. And if you pick your own architect then you can make everything to your liking instead of paying $65 million for this monstrosity! link is below


    • Justin


  • Otessa Regina Compton

    Looks like a wedding cake or some kind of cake. THIS IS ONE MANSION WITH ALOT OF ICING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also looks like it was built with some folks playing out in the snow. Anyway, this one makes me hungry for some piece of cake!

  • Paul

    My first thought was cake too 🙂 Don’t know if it is a $65 million home or not. Guess it will be if someone pays it.

  • Teddi

    Who in their right mind is going to choose Manalapan over Palm Beach?

    Price is ambitious but then the price is always ambitious for new construction on the water in PBC. That’s just the way it is and then it sits on the market for a few years until they come to their senses and drop the price. Everyone thinks their mansion is the special one that will sell for the ridiculous amount.

    Daniel, help me out with the location, I’m drawing a blank. It’s intracoastal on one side and ocean front on the other, is that right? Except for hurricane season I always think that’s the best to have. And those properties are so rare.

    I’m seeing a two story rotunda for the main entryway that directly connects the front and back of the house. That should be interesting. Would love to see the floor plans. I’m guessing the angles are to allow for a large square footage without using up all the landspace, a crime so many waterfront mansions are guilty of. I’ll reserve judgment until we get more info.

    • Tony

      @TEDDI. LOOK DUMBASS! Anyone with common sense would Choose a 20,000 square foot intra-coastal oceanfront MEGA MANSION palace built of the best quality and designed by the best architect and built by Finton construction for the low price of only $23.5 million than pay $65 million for this piece of shit that is not even direct ocean front. The Vanderbilts built in Manalapan and they could have afford to live anywhere so for the price savings Manalapan isn’t that bad.

      • Bill_in_NY

        It’s okay to have opinions (even differing ones) about the buildings and locations. Every person has differing tastes and preferences. But I think getting personal like that is taking things a bit farther than necessary.

        • Tony

          @Bill_IN_NY I don’t care what you think. I think Teddi was rude in his comments. And also I agree that Palm Beach is better. My whole point was that to have the best house of the best quality from the best builder with the best architect that is actually direct ocean front for only $23.5 million just makes more sense than paying $65 million for crap that looks like shit and isn’t even direct ocean front.

      • Daniel

        Actually the only reason the Vanderbilts built in Manalapan (and Gulf Stream) was because the town extended A1A (South Ocean Blvd), and it cut through El Solano, the former Vanderbilt/John Lennon house. Mr. Vanderbilt petitioned against it, lost, and so he built in Manalapan.

        As a local, comparing Manalapan to PB is truly silly. Residents of Manalapan travel to Palm Beach ANYWAY for all their shopping/spending. To say Manalapan is a “better value” is ignoring the HUGE amount of prestige that comes with a PB address.

        Finally, the fact that this isn’t direct oceanfront is in all honestly not a huge turnoff. Some of the wealthiest Palm Beachers make due, such as Steve Schwarzman, Jackie Desmarais, Jim Clark, The Gruss’, etc. All of the names I mentioned live in this section, between Sloan’s curve and Widener’s curve. In fact, I think I would prefer to live in this section rather than direct oceanfront. The lake/Intracoastal view is fantastic at night, with the city light’s and such. The ocean is just this dark abyss. Have you ever been to a direct oceanfront home? It’s such a damn hassle to maintain. Everything turns to dust and light fixtures, windows, railings…essentially anything that isn’t treated wood deteriorates so quickly.

        And one more finally: no where is the architect or builder mentioned. The fact that this is Palm Beach means the quality will almost certainly be amazing. ARCOM has frequently denied a home’s plan or required changes if it isn’t up to the town’s standards. Trust me, PB won’t allow crap to be built, especially on a piece of land like this. The architecture looks more casual, but the quality will be top notch.

        • Tony

          @Daniel. I respect your opinion but i don’t know what the hell you are arguing. I am not stupid. I know Palm Beach is better than Manalapan. My point is I rather have a 20,000 square foot direct ocean front mega palace designed by the best architect and with direct ocean frontage than this ugly piece of shit that doesn’t have direct ocean frontage and that is way way way way overpriced. That’s stupid. Also I don’t get exactly what you mean about they extended the street and it cut through the Vanderbilt propery. But if you mean that the street cut through his property and made it not direct ocean frontage anymore so he decided to get a property that is direct ocean front then that only proves my point. Secondly Mr. Vanderbilt was wealthy enough to just go buy another property or lot in Palm Beach. But he chose to build in Manalapan. Manalapan isn’t that bad. I would in no way say I’d prefer Manalapan over Palm Beach. But if I could buy a lot in Manalapan and pick my own architech (such as Manion or Landy) and my own builder (such as Finton Construction) and then build a MEGA mansion palace that is intra-coastal and directly on the ocean for only $23.5 million then i’d definitely prefer that over this over priced piece of shit.

    • Daniel

      It’s the parcel just north of this home (which incidentally reminds me a lot of it):


      • Tony

        @Daniel, Also I have seen plenty crappy homes built in Palm Beach. This home looks like shit to me. I’d like to know who the architect and builder is. This looks like two budget motels conjoined together at a weird angle. This is a hot ass mess.

        • Daniel

          The angled entry is probably situated that way to allow an even greater perspective of the lakefront. Secondly, Manalapan was a damn strip of land before Vanderbilt built his homes their. Of course he could have afforded Palm Beach, but didn’t want Palm Beach. It had nothing to do with the prestige of Manalapan. Your spiel of saving money by building in Manalapan makes no sense.

          • Tony

            @Daniel, It definitely does make sense. I don’t have no idea what you are arguing. You are arguing just to argue. I looked online to find a direct ocean front parcel that was affordable in the Palm Beach area. That was the best I could find. Now if there was something similarly priced in Palm Beach I would have posted a link to that. My point is that I wouldn’t buy this crappy looking over priced piece of shit that is not direct ocean front. I rather buy my own lot, preferably in Palm Beach and buy something with direct ocean frontage and pick my own architect and builder. I could probably eventually find my own lot in Palm Beach and build something way better and cheaper than this crap. But direct ocean front lots that are 1.5 acres or more (which is needed to build a mega mansion) is hard to come by in Palm Beach. So my whole point again is not that Manalapan is better. My point is that I rather have a 20,000 sqaure foot palace designed by Manion and built by Finton that is intracoastal with direct ocean frontage for only a mere $23.5 million even if I had to settle and build it in Manalapan than have an over priced piece of shit just to say i live in Palm beach. You go blow $65 million on this piece of shit if you think that is a wise investment. I rather build something better for $23.5 million, keep $40 million in my pocket and then later flip the home and sell it for $30 to $40 million and make more money. Only a sucker would buy this shit at anything near that price.

          • Tony

            @Daniel. Also another thing. This home may not be direct ocean front but it is close enough to the ocean that it would have the same water damage or whatever that it would if it was direct ocean front. Its basically and ocean front home with a street separating it from the ocean. You simply remove the street and then it would be ocean front so its proximity to the ocean would be the same either way so the damage from the water is still the same or pretty close to the same. Who the hell that can afford a $65 million home wants to be at street level with a busy street running through their damn property? If I am Oprah or P Diddy or Bill Gates or The Sultan of Brunei or whoever that can afford that then I don’t wanna be lounging by my pool listening to rift raft driving by all day and night and honking their horns and yelling and having road rage. This isn’t Malibu. Its not like you are on a Bluff or on a cliff way above the traffic. That bluff would give you a little buffer from traffic. This is at street level. Most rich folk don’t like that. I could care less what any one here says about it. Most rich people don’t want to be on a busy main street. They want to be secluded from busy streets and commoners.

  • Mak

    I don’t understand really rich people. Why would you want to build a house and make it all white, and put a tan driveway in, and paint the grass white? Why do they even think that the trees are going to look good if they’ve been pruned and shaped to look flat and lifeless like that? Is that a new thing in landscaping? It looks so sterile…why do people think that’s attractive?

  • Tony

    my comments are posting anymore lol

  • Tony

    If I were a Palm Beach snob then I’d prefer either of these two estates over that ice cream cake catastrophe. One is only $32 million with tennis court, its not ocean front but is way better architecture. The second one is only $22 million and it is direct ocean front with tennis court..



  • Justin

    Daniel, I notice you post a comment for every house that comes up on here…. Are you a co-moderator with Kenny ? I am new to this site and I don’t like to see one person try to control and dominate the comment section. Although you seem intelligent, try to take a break sometimes . 🙂

    • Daniel

      Go take a long walk off the Lake Worth pier.

  • Tony

    Why is everyone fighting? Did I open a can of worms? Anyway I just wanted to say that I don’t have any issue with anyone. I don’t come on here to start crap. I just give my opinion on real estate. I may make little smart comments about the real estate but that’s an inanimate object. I never attack anyone personally. I just give my opinion about the real estate and then someone always makes a smart remark to me so I defend myself. Plus I usually respect and agree with Daniel’s opinion 95 percent of the time.

    • Al Robinson

      No worries Tony. I may not be as Knowledgeable about mansions and interior design, but I just comment here because I have fun. By my nature I don’t argue with people, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t, as long as it’s all in good fun.

      I think it’s nice that HOTR has readers that are passionate and knowledgeable about real estate. I think it makes reading the comments entertaining. 🙂

    • Daniel

      Who is fighting who? You claimed I argued, but I simply responded to your comment.

  • Justin

    The reason why this house is tacky is because her owner is linked to the Kardasians ..lol Keith Frankel has made them a lot of money through his company Vitaquest. He plans on living in this house, so the price reflects an unserious seller willing to work with a silly Russian or Middle Eastern willing to pay way above market value .

  • Hunter

    Well, quite an active post today! Having driven through Palm Beach and Manalapan quite a few times, I personally would choose Manalapan over PB. I am big into privacy, and I feel that Manalapan offers more privacy for your estate. Plus being able to access the ocean and intracoastal directly from your estate is a huge plus. I know PB is more prestigious, but with Manalapan you get more privacy and more bang for your buck. As for this place, I’ll reserve judgement until it’s done. But if it’s all white, man that is soooo boring. Not my style and it really doesn’t fit in with the south Florida style.

  • sofla

    Who says Finton builds the best house????

  • sofla

    Guess some of you don’t know a scale model when you see one. They are not in color folks


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