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  • Nicholas Hinkle

    I really, really like this home. If I were a billionaire and wanted to live in the Los Angeles Area, if this home was on even 2-2.5 acres in Holmby Hills or Beverly Park, this would be my dream home. It has just the right amount of square footage to feature lots of amenities. The home has fine detail and quality, which are both highly detailed in the listing. That being said, it has two small flaws and one major problem. The home does need redecorating, at least for my taste and the front facade is smushed because of the small lot size. The exterior entry need brought out more. The major problem is that “The Agency” is trying to sell this lot of less than one acre for $55 million.

  • Koko

    It will never sell for $55M as this price is beyond unrealistic. The most will fetch will be in the high $30M… Greedy realtor or owner…maybe both?

  • Coon

    Absolutely superb. Can’t find much wrong with it besides the price.

  • Justin

    The owner is just another cheesey ” Shah Of Sunset “

    • Mak

      You mean Shat don’t you?

      • RichK

        At least they improve BH, increase property prices, and city property tax rolls. More then you can say about most people.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I am madly in love with the exterior, I love the red in the dining area, I love brick in kitchens, and the bar area looks private, cozy, and pleasant. The bar area with chairs and table, seems to appear to have a historical approach. I do not care for the bowling lanes, but I do like the pools.

  • mattc

    Very well done. An excellent example of where money and taste come together to make an impact in quality real estate.

  • Ruby M. Robinson

    Simply magnificent both inside and out!

  • Kingstigo

    Like the interior and exterior, just hate the price

  • Peter Fox

    The dining room chandeliers, I am looking for a pair like that for my home. Where can I find them???? Maybe they’ll sell them to me!

  • RichK

    I have to say the house is very well done but way too big for the lot. I thought BH only allows you to build 40% of the lot I’m not sure how these guys get around the code. I feel a 18,000 sq feet with a basement would have looked better and given them a huge backyard verse a very small pool area. They will still get around $25 million but that’s all this size lot and over sized home will command.

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