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  • Daniel

    Spent a long weekend in LA, and would love to call this place home. The contemporary architecture works perfectly. Love the streamlined look of the front, and I wish the back took the same approach.

  • Emmanuel

    Wow! Impressive…contemporary modern architecture at its best! I love the panoramic views on the city. Who are the lucky owners? I find nothing to criticize in this house…

  • Sam

    Whoever lives here has really good taste. Love the white SLS AMG and the circular infinity pool is cool too.

  • Hunter

    Really stylish and cool looking. Looks bigger than 6500 sq feet. Crazy price, but then again that’s what you get in Cali.

  • Grrrowler

    I would take the Spyker and leave the rest for someone else.

    • A

      Michael Klopfer, the dikus elfpork is a master in the art of raunchiness!

      • Grrrowler

        Is he now…? That’s very interesting.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    The only thing I like is the view. I can only see this as a temporary stay rented hotel suite, I really can not see it, as for any thing on a full time basis.

  • Nightmoves

    $25M and there isn’t even a long enough driveway to keep out the hoi polloi.

  • Venom

    Nice house I guess, but the price, WTF, is this a $22 million lot? It’s not even that custom or high end.

  • Al Robinson

    WOW!! Now that is a nice mansion! 🙂

    I love everything about it. It’s got style, and it’s cozy. The perfect blend. AND that view is spectacular. Damn!

    • Al Robinson

      Plus, you get a view (right below) of both Prince’s old mansion, and the Entourage mansion. Bonus!!

  • Alex

    Looking in Google Maps at their 45° view of this place before its renovation, this home looks like it’s only semi-new, and the original structure was slightly modified and given a lick of paint (especially the lower level). For that reason, and the severe lack of land, the $25m seems ridiculous.

    VIDEO before renovation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3LQNQtWpEY

    Architecturally speaking, I really like it. And with some personalisation of the interiors (including MUCH more color), I could easily love it.

  • L

    Not the best take on a modernist mansion I’ve seen. Indeed, I find one of the great qualites of the modern, minimalist style is that a good architect can ‘hide’ the size of a dwelling or more effectively blend it in with its surrounding environment. Not here, the last two photos leave no question that it’s a behemoth marking its territory through sheer presence.

    On the other hand, Spyker C8. Awesome.

  • Chris Kohler

    Is it me or is the gallery on the home’s website broken? Half of the pictures don’t load.

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