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  • Scott

    For this price, I would expect the interiors to be completely updated, and they obviously are not.

  • Daniel

    Looking at photo 12 would really make me comfortable paying the asking price for this. What am I missing here? Sure, the Mayfair address is maybe $20 million alone, but good grief. I guess this means finding a home on Kensington Palace Gardens for less than a quarter billion dollars will be next to impossible.

    • Al Robinson

      Daniel, it sounds like you’re pretty knowledgeable about London. Have you ever been? I myself have not, but it would be fun.

      • Daniel

        Ha, hardly knowledgeable. I’ve only been once, for a week. It’s a lovely city with much to do and some beautiful architecture. However, it’s apparently overrun with oil money and sheiks driving in circles around Harrods in their million dollar super cars.

        • ZigZagBoom

          Well, they’re always somewhere, those sheiks. If you were from a place with such a hideous climate (the Middle East) and you had money, you’d want to leave it during the summer, too. When I used to travel to Europe more often back in the 1990s, apparently they often congregated in Geneva.

          • Andrew

            LOL, when I hear the words ‘hideous climate’, the first place that springs to my mind is London!

          • jake

            Wow, ZigZagBoom needs to go back to grade school and review basic English grammar.

        • Al Robinson

          That would be quite the sight, it sounds. 🙂

          They probably all drive Rolls-Royce cars, with tinted windows perhaps.

          • Daniel

            Search “supercars London” or something similar to that on YouTube. Anything and everything.

        • Nash

          The entire city huh? That’s interesting. Or perhaps your statement is just not true…

          • Daniel

            Perhaps it was sarcastic conjecture…

          • Nash

            sarcastic conjecture perhaps, but stated with apparent hate (dare I say racism?)

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a lot of square feet in an amazing location, with a multi-car garage no less. But, it simply doesn’t look like a $150 million house. Someone could buy four smaller contiguous townhouses for $15 million each, combine them and have them professionally decorated for another $30 million, and still have enough left over to buy a dozen very nice houses elsewhere in the world.

  • Koko

    Do not worry…! Another filthy rich sheik (with no taste but lots of oil money) will download the cash and bring his harem to populate it. London is already looking as a Middle East city and speaking Arabic will get you a lot.

    • John

      Koko, your post is asinine.

      • Ruby M. Robinson

        I agree, it sounds racist. I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound that way, right Koko?

        • Venom

          His post may sound racist, and it might even be racist, however that does not make it not true.

          • Nash

            Well Venom, I suppose what makes it not true are things called facts.

  • Venom

    $150 million? GTFO. For that money I could buy every island in the Bahamas and be warm with awesome beaches and women in bikinis. These prices are idiotic crackpipe. I’d buy the SLS or some other hotel in Miami Beach before I paid this kind of stupid money for an ugly house in dreary London.

  • Al Robinson

    Oh please. $150 million is not unreasonable! You know what’s unreasonable?? $151 million.

    Cheerio! 🙂

  • Al Robinson

    Is this now more expensive than “Updown Court”?

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