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  • Daniel

    I like the exterior, even though I think the gables are too extreme. Interior honestly reminds me of a retirement home. Humorous how the garage is more detailed than the living room.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, I find the decor staid and depressing. The garage is my favourite, probably because there is no furniture there to visually opress me.

  • Jason

    this is not a bad house at all. I like the intense red brick color and yellowish detail trim. What I don’t like is the large arched entry window. It looks more like an 80’s mansion feature and doesn’t fit well with the rest of the house. I get that they are trying to make a statement, but it’s not a true classical gesture. They need to bring down the entry and make it heavy stone columns supporting an entablature and surmounted by a turned stone balustrade that matches the yellow detail.

    The interior is just horrid. it’s no retirement home, unless the retirees are ghouls and vampires.

  • Grrrowler

    I don’t mind the exterior. It’s not my favorite house, but it’s not bad. As for the interior, one cherub is too many, and this house has more than that.

  • Hunter

    Exterior is gorgeous and classic. Inside I love the garage, workout area, theater and a few other rooms, but for the most part the rest of the interior is pretty old fashioned, and needs to be updated big time. The plus side is the fact that it has a guest house and gatehouse, and being on 250 acres, you could add alot of fun outdoor activities (Pool, Tennis, Golf, etc…) redo the interior, and end up with a really grand estate.

  • L

    Not sure why some people don’t like the gables, they’re isosceles and not too large. Interior is cold but maintains old world charm. Garage is obviously of extremely high quality, though it reminds me too much of high-end department stores and 5-star restaurant bathrooms. Not bad things by themselves.

    • opinionfree

      The gable height and roof pitch are appropriate for an area that receives as much snow as Quebec. There is absolutely nothing aesthetically wrong with it. If anything, it adds an element of historical presence to a home built within the last 20+ years.

      • Daniel

        I think it’s the gable above the front entry that I’m not fond of. It looks too crowded. I also think they’re a bit too tall.

  • Eric2

    As others have said have said, FANTASTIC! Exterior! Really quite exquisite, aside from some out of place features like the garage, it would not be too hard to feel this was built around the turn of the 1900’s.

    The inside. Well lets just say it has a lot of promise. The decor feels more like an oversized bed and breakfast place. Like it was a bad hotel from the 1940’s or something than a grand estate.

    The “Theater” opening. GOD Do I hate those, such a waste of space and money. I like theaters to be out of the way and unobtrusive. I do not want a Huge blinking Marquee broadcasting where I want to watch a movie!

    One thing however, I LOVE The gym! Yes it’s “Modern” but when it comes to a gym, thats the ONE part of the house I WANT modern.
    Hot tub, steam room, showers, Love it!

    Also one last thing…
    How has anyone missed the fact that this Estate sits on 250 ACRES!
    Lets here it for Lots of Land!

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

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