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  • Daniel

    Are we certain the front photo belongs with the other set of photos? Looks like two completely different homes. With that said, I hate the exterior. The stone cladding turns this into a terribly cold looking tomb. The interior is a weird mix of 1980s California contemporary and modern day tract home. I can’t believe a home was built in 2006 with vaulted ceilings.

  • Grrrowler

    If Palladio were alive today, he’d probably sue to have any references to his name removed from this place. The exterior is just horrid. It looks as if it’s made from Lego blocks. I don’t hate the interior, but there are some really bad choices; the ceiling treatment in the living room looks cheaply-done and the open dining room feels like part of the entrance.

  • Brian

    I will second the comments of the 1st 2 speakers and will add that I just don’t get the “underground” courtyard concept. It makes no sense to me and seems largely unusable.

  • The Dilettante

    Not Palladian.

  • Venom

    Is this a home or a prison?

  • Marcemeno

    Horrible abomination of a roof life, 12 million plus and for this. Does anybody in this state have a front yard??????? I mean isn’t it the American dream to have property = the richer you are the more property you have apparently the West Coast hasn’t received the memo.

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