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  • Daniel

    Hmm..a few things are a bit suspect. But hey, anybody who would build something like this is probably a bitch. Hm, I don’t quite know how to put I will just put it where it wants to go..

  • Daniel

    And the impostor is persistent. *Glorious*.

    The exterior is a classic Charleston meets Aladdin. Pool is nice and outrageous.

  • opinionfree

    According to the blurb: “situated atop a 60 foot cliff”.
    Easy fix. Just push this place off the cliff and build a nice new home.

  • Shayla

    I was scheduled to stay at Villa Castillo Del Mar for my wedding in April of 2016. Peggy was great in answering all of my questions, and I paid a $5,000 deposit. She suggested that I send the check directly to avoid fees, and I did so. After experiencing 3 deaths in one month, my fiancé and I later decided to have our wedding in America so that more of our family could attend, and I sent Peggy an email 4 weeks ago stating so and requesting the 75% cancellation refund as per our contract. I noticed that my scheduled dates have been removed from VBRO calendar, so I know she received my message, but I have yet to hear back from her. I also sent an email via the company’s official website days ago, and still no reply. I just returned home from a deployment with the US Army, and now I have to replan my wedding with $5K missing from my budget. I am extremely disappointed in this scam, and hurt that Peggy would take advantage of someone like this. If you book here, you better be 100% sure that you can stay, because if you change your mind, Peggy will not honor your contract!


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