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  • Kingstigo

    They both so big and will probably be decorated with enough gold to buy a private jet

  • Jason

    the first one I kind of like as far as over the top Middle Eastern houses go. It has classical European massing and arrangement with a Middle Eastern facade. but is a palace really going to be bound by three thoroughfares? the second one is pure nonsense. if the central roof portion is built as flimsy and highly pitched as it’s shown, I’m going to laugh my ass off. and what of the stupidly big fountain that sprays beyond the roof top? just because you can build it bigger than the European originals doesn’t mean you should.

  • AR

    I beat DANIEL into this comment section..so I’ll take his place.

    “UGLY, HIDEOUS..WASTE OF SPACE..not worthy of my perfect being. I love nothing on this site, I consider every mansion here garbage and lacking of my valuable presence.”


    ..yeah sums up Daniel..

    • mak

      Go away. Dickhead posts slamming other posters aren’t funny and aren’t wanted. Go find another blog to troll.

    • Daniel

      Actually #2 looks commendable, if a bit oversized. Perhaps instead of trying to mimic other posters you should just render your opinion on properties…you know, like everyone else does.

      • Ruby M. Robinson

        Amen Daniel!

      • Grrrowler

        So agreed.

        AR: We try to keep the comments here about the houses, although occasionally we go off into the weeds. This is a place to discuss what we each think of the houses, their decor, etc, and we all have our own thoughts on those matters. This is not a place to share your opinions about other commenters. If you disagree with an expressed opinion, by all means share your differing point of view, but ridiculing someone else accomplishes nothing.

      • Venom

        I don’t know why you even bothered responding to him really?

        • A

          that isn’t a question..so I don’t know why you even bothered putting a question mark..you cock sucking fiend. Nice beemer..for a bitch.

  • Grrrowler

    If I didn’t know better I’d think the first one is a design for a casino. The second looks like it will be, at best, a tacky copy of a European palace; those “mansard” roofs are ridiculous.

    I keep hoping someone in the Middle East will build this: http://bit.ly/1amC2Wb

    • Brian

      If they did, that would clearly be an act of war, and should be responded to with carpet bombing.

  • rob

    Can’t we all just get along. As far as these go I am kind of impressed by the lines of the architecture on the first one. Looks clean and ornate and functional at the same time. The second one looks like a glow in the dark versaiiles. Not really fond. Are these “palaces really just sited on a city block. Isn’t there enough land to really site these places? Overall pretty meh, My first thought was actually that these would not look too out of place in Los Angeles these days. If I was building a palace I would think bigger.

  • Teddi

    I think the first one is pretty but looks like a lot of high-end shopping malls I’ve seen around the place. I don’t like it when any abode looks like a plaza, hotel, clubhouse or casino. Those are always my first dictates. After that Alcatraz look-alike posted here earlier in the week, I’ve added prison to the list.

    I prefer palace two because I think it’s more regal and would work with some tweaking.

    Is it just me or are those some of the most spotless construction machinery you’ve ever seen. Were they purchased just for this project and what was the point in photographing them except as a space filler? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to give us another photo of the palace?

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