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  • Nick

    I quite enjoy this brick Georgian manor house. The front exterior of the home could use quite a bit more detail in terms of masonry and some more lively landscaping of the front driveway but, other than that, I enjoy the simplicity of the front exterior and the use of boxwood hedges. I also adore the “wow factor” that one would receive when entering the home and seeing the intricacy of the molding of the walls and ceilings, that one would not expect from viewing the front of the home. I find the ballroom absolutely stunning. The ballroom is quite grandiose on the scale but, with furnishings and the removal of the carpet, I would imagine it to be an amazing great room. I don’t enjoy any of the furnishings, especially the gilded reproduction pieces. With the addition of a swimming pool, landscaping and redecoration, and relocation this home would rate very high on “dream livability” for me. Relocation of this home would be the most important factor. If that wasn’t made a possibility, the great state of Michigan can keep this home.

    • The Dilettante

      What makes you say those pieces are reproductions? They look pretty authentic to me.

  • opinionfree

    Definitely not a home for an ape like me to inhabit. Nonetheless, it is gorgeous. The symmetry and balance, create an unmatched exterior elegance. The interior proportions are probably perfect. Hard to envision people living in there, but I’ve never mastered using chop sticks.
    Not as a dig. I’ll take a boxwood garden, as a sign of old money, over one of those creepy koi ponds, every time.

    • Teddi

      Oh Lord. Don’t let Mak hear you say that. Them’s fighting words.

    • Mak

      You tell me which is creepier;
      1. An old rich dude who goes outside and handfeeds a boxwood garden
      2. An old rich dude who goes outside and handfeeds a prize koi collection.

      Old rich dude #1 would be considered crazy. Old rich dude #2 would be considered a collector.

      Crazy or collector.
      Cray cray or genius.

      You choose.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I was one who never did care for Georgian Style Homes; however, I do like the interior, it does shine with elegance. The kitchen could was more flare, but for the most part the interior is remarkable.

  • Venom

    This is a beautiful house and quite impressive to see when you drive by it. It is not all original, those two giant arms/wings coming off of it were actually added on sometime back in the late 90’s if I recall. That was quite a sight to see, an addition like that being done.

    • Teddi

      Holy cow. Those are additions???? They are perfect. I would never have guessed they weren’t part of the original house. Kudos to the architect!

      • opinionfree

        Damn. I thought they might be additions, but then convinced myself that the proportions were to classic. The idea of adding such grand spaces to home in the 90’s, befuddles me. It absolutely makes no sense, but was done well, so 2 thumbs up. Now that, is a Ball room.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s completely not my style, and is way too stuffy and frilly for my liking. However, I think it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s lovely from the outside, and the room proportions are beautiful. The additions on each side look like they were done very well.

  • rob

    Look, no one can deny that Grosse Pointe is one of the old money enclaves in the United States, the question is will it ever be again. This is a fine old house for a family that does not have to make any more money but how long can that last. The kids are all going to be sent away to boarding school and get jobs elsewhere and this will just be the grandparents estate. I do see some signs that Michigan might be making a comeback. If that is so then now is the time to buy. Grosse Pointe has unquestionable elan.

  • Daniel

    It is indeed a lovely home with a beautiful interior. However, I think the porthole windows are overused and out of place.

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