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  • Andrew

    I really like what little can be seen in these pictures – I’d love to see views from other sides and proper plans! As it is, I just have one question: with what little info we have here, can anyone figure out how do the cars get into that garage?!?

    • Sam

      In pic #2 that open space next to the garage windows looks like a driveway with that gray rectangle thing being the garage door. The driveway must slope up under the house to a motor court or the street.

      • Andrew

        that would be the obvious answer except it looks like it would have a nearly vertical slope!

  • Daniel

    Looks promising, but I would cut the number of bedrooms down to 5 and baths to 7 or 8. The floating garage in photo 1 without the support beams looks terrifying.

  • Tony

    30,000 square feet? Please, this is more like 6,000 square feet. You can’t get 30,000 square feet for $7.4 million in Los Angeles unless that’s just the price of the lot and the construction costs are separate.

    • Venom

      Did you not notice right next to the price it clearly states that the price is for the land? And no, Kenny did not just add it either, it was there last night before anyone made any comments.

  • opinionfree

    This doesn’t seem like anything new. This variation on MCM, has become very popular now. Especially among the ‘newer’ super wealthy.
    Is 30,000 sq. ft. even still note worthy in L.A.? I’m just happy it’s not one of those Euro inspired rustic castle things. It blends nicely into it’s surroundings.

    Only 1 bath per bedroom? Seems a bit stingy. I’m not sure a house like this should do Jack and Jill’s. No 1/2 baths, sounds wrong.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    This is an excellent home for an individual and/or family that does not fear high places, children would need extra care in being watched. It looks more like a home above an under pass on an expressway.

  • Teddi

    Not really seeing 30,000 sf here, even including outdoor and garage spaces. And even though I think 20 BRs and 20 BAs is ridiculous unless you’re running a motel or copying ’19 kids and counting’, it’s even more ridiculous to have a 1:1 br/ba ratio in a mansion. Half baths are essential. Half baths are pretty much a necessity even in non-mansion residencies so this is just odd.

    Need to see the floor plans.

  • Iemand

    Cool, you could recreate Ferris Bueller’s Day Off car scene here!

    • Teddi

      LMAO. You really could.

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