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  • Daniel

    Not a bad home. Interior needs a bit more pizzazz.

    • AR

      I splashed paint on your cousin like Jackson’s that for pizzazz?

      • Daniel

        Must have been a scaled down version…

  • Jason

    FINALLY! a house that doesn’t embarrass New Jersey. this is quite a nice imposing home. no new ground broken, but it’s a good overall interpretation of an 18th century French chateau. I only think the garage wing is what doesn’t work. It’s too imposing of a dependency. The interiors are very tasteful and elegant. Some areas do seem sparse as if they are awaiting more art and furnishings- which I appreciate. If the art and furniture is good and I’d rather wait for nice custom pieces or acquisitions than to fill the house with junk. NICE

  • Grrrowler

    The outside is really dull, but the interior is very lovely, in a classical way that will look good in 20, or 50 years time. I love some of the art deco pieces in the house, but agree that it needs more personalization. I cannot fault the taste level here, which is something often missing in the New Jersey houses we see.

  • Bill_in_NY

    Understated elegance. I like it.
    Pity the pool will only be used 3 months out of the year (unless, of course, they are members of The Polar Bear Club).

  • Tony

    That entry way foyer is a hot mess. This is a nice home overall. The exterior could be a little more impressive. The exterior is a little simple looking. I think the exterior should have more of the impressive Beverly Park type of look considering that this is such a large limestone home. But the limestone work is nice. But my main issue is that foyer. It looks very simple and basic and like spec home quality. The Stone Manor had a way way way better and much more impressive foyer. But the rest of the rooms in the house are nice. Its way better than 99 percent of homes in New Jersey though. I just wish they put more effort into the foyer cause that’s the first impression when you enter a home.

  • Venom

    Absolutely beautiful, perfect home, sold. Almost Greenwich, CT good.

  • Tony

    Another thing I realized that I don’t like is that the home is surrounded by street on all sides. In the front, the sides and back. I think a house of this magnitude should be backed up against a bunch of trees just like the Stone Mansion. A house like this needs that forested type of look for its back yard. I wouldn’t want to spend the type of money for a house of this magnitude and see a bunch of cars and traffic whenever I am in the back yard. I certainly wouldn’t want to hear a bunch of traffic noises while relaxing by the pool. Also I just realized there is no tennis court. The Stone Mansion costs somewhere around $45,000,000 to $55,000,000. The price always goes up and down but it is somewhere in that range. If this house is worth anything in that league then it should definitely have a tennis court. Also this house should be on more acreage. For the size of this home it should be on a bigger lot. I really think if this home went on the market it would probably be priced at at least $35,000,000 considering the price of Stone Mansion and I think for that type of price it should have more acreage, more privacy, and a tennis court.

  • Teddi

    While there are a few furniture pieces I don’t care for, I think that overall the interior is quite exquisitely done. Serene, tasteful, understated and a wonderful surprise since the exterior is so blah and the foyer space is disappointing. Disappointing staircase, chandelier…everything.

    So few people can pull off a white on white kitchen especially when the walls are gray. If I were the owner and a designer told me that concept I’d hire someone else, but it is VERY well done and it leads into a breakfast room I’d want to use every morning.

    Love the master bath and her dressing room.

    The designer obviously knew what he was doing because the house itself isn’t anything wonderful, but the interior is so well done it ALMOST makes you forget about that exterior. Kudos.

  • king daniel

    i have seen photos of this house a while ago when i goggled James paraagno, there were photos from this house on his website and on this link i personally love this house i viewed it over and over its simple and elegant to my likening not to over done

    • Kenny Forder

      Sweet, thanks for the link!!

    • The Dilettante

      Weird thing about Paragano, as I’ve noticed from his website, is that he reuses the exact same foyer design (down to the light fixture) in several of his houses.

  • greg d

    Built by a guy that owns a party tent rental company. I actually like the EXTERIOR of the house and find the interior like a high end hotel–kind of bland. The house overlooks the Ramapos and the sunsets are great! Agreed it’s on 2 Acres and too big for the lot. There’s no “yard” at all. I would hate to hear cars drive around the back of my pool. For that $$ I would be annoyed and want more privacy. Overall, A- Btw, the Stone House is on CLOSTERDOCK road–no one would want to live there. This house is in a way better location. Probably get $10-12 million for it.

  • Marcemeno

    What is with all the hate for NJ on this blog hmm? Do you think other states build better homes? In Europe homes MUST be built of concrete and brick and covered with cement (exterior) and plaster (interior). In America whether a home costs $300 thousand or $30 million it is made of poor quality wood and sheet rock. Quite frankly now that i live in Italy I see every thing the Euro’s do about America: West Coast, East Coast, North to South, America can be defined as a 4 lane highway with chincy stores on both sides and UGLY power lines everywhere!
    That being said NJ isn’t bad at all actually it is one of the best. Highest concentration of millionaire households in the US whereas what oh you think CALI is better with it’s 22% poverty rate, mansions that lack originality or even a defined architectural style. Id est (that is) the so called Mediterranean architecture which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with any house built around the actual mediterranean basin! Plus out West there is no property whatsoever and everything is a planned community (including Beverly Park GASP!) and lets not forget the streets that are in the shape of CONRY GEOMETRIC SHAPES! At least no WEALTHY TOWN IN JERSEY looks that tacky but Calabasas and EVERYWHERE in ORANGE COUNTY however DO!


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