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  • Daniel

    6 looks absolutely terrifying…and cool.

  • opinionfree

    It’s funny, 15 years ago in the DC metro area, pools were rare. They really were reserved to a certain sect. Now it seems like they are becoming popular. I guess they are the new equalizing status symbol. I’m wondering if in a few years people will be zipping around the District in a Bentley or RR. Hmmm, licensing idea?

    #6: is a beautifully done pool, for adults.
    #4: less the umbrella and assorted seating, is also very beautiful.

  • rob

    These pools paid for by government contractors. All the money in DC flows from the government. These are beautiful pools. The pools are so elegant and well done that they overshadow the landscaping. The landscaping is not on a par with the pools. Someone should look into that.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    It is much too cold to go swimming; although, we can look forward to some warmth coming our way soon I hope. At any rate good work at the photographs, my favorites are Numbers One and Five. I am torn between these two.

    • rob

      Are you an evil government contractor filling your pool with the blood of the hard working tax payer? Cool designs though.

  • LisaReed

    Stunning work!! I love to look at the work of beautiful outdoor spaces…

    Very well done!! Congrats Lewis Aquatech

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