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  • BionicWoman

    Love this property! So gorgeous and unique!!

  • Eric2


    While The Curmudgeon inside me is desperately looking for something to make snarking comments about, I have to say this place looks GORGEOUS!.

    it actually looks “Rich” not, cheaply done pretending to be rich, but as though the builders said “I don’t want you to do it cheap, I want you to do it RIGHT!”
    How often do we see grand, lavish interiors, where we just KNOW you can poke a hole in the wall and it will be cheap plaster, drywall and card bored! 😛

    This place looks built to still be here in 50 years time!
    The second stair landing for one, That great glass dome and chandelier looks like it could have easily stepped from a turn of the century mansion!
    The Decorations in (what I think is) the living room are also superb, every surface seems decorated, but not TOO Decorated.

    The worst room? for me it’s the library. I normally LOVE libraries, but while the other rooms look lavish and genuine, the “Wood” in THAT room looks lacquered in plastic!

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

  • Bill_in_NY

    ….um……I like the swimming pool.

  • Daniel

    I think the interior is more successful than the exterior. I can still see the tract home design under it all. Not terrible, but far from top quality. The interior, while heavy and formal, does carry the Venetian theme throughout. No rooms look half-assed. Certainly not for everyone, but the consistency is admirable. The stained glass dome is very nice.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s a nice change from yet another beige “Mediterranean” or “Tuscan” stock design. I think the front of the house is more interesting than the back (at least what we can see of the back). The interior has some beautiful details, and I love that, but the first eight pictures of it feel like a public building to me. Don’t get me wrong; I think those spaces are lovely, but they don’t feel like a house to me. The other interior pictures of the more private spaces seem much better to. They are extravagant but still feel very livable.

  • John L.


  • Jason

    wow…some up and down responses from everyone…as for me- hell to the no!

    • Bill_in_NY

      I was just being polite. I originally wanted to say something about washing my eyes out with battery acid.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I do like the style and the color of the exterior. The kitchen is just terrific.

  • Hunter

    Simply stunning…I’ll take it I’d feel like Aladdin!

  • Venom

    Initially I thought this could be saved by redoing the entire outside and some of the inside, but it would just be easier to tear it down and start over.

  • jdubble07

    It’s Edward DeBartolo’s house in Avila Country Club. DeBartolo is the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers.

  • Teddi

    Some parts of this house are nothing short of breathtaking, others evoked a wth were they thinking gut reaction in me. They seem to have a love of pink that I don’t share. But frankly, after all the nondescript mansions that seem to blur in your mind so that you can’t tell one from another, I tip my hat to any that takes risks and provide a wow factor. Kudos! The stained glass dome is simply spectacular. It almost makes me forget how much I hate Tampa.

  • RLO

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