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  • Daniel

    Home in photo 13 is my favorite. I like the lattice-like brick.

    Unrelated side note: I just realized you can “walk” through Marble House and Rosecliff in Newport on Google Streetview. AMAZING!!!

    • Kenny Forder

      Damn, that’s awesome!!

      • Eric2

        Yeah I found about that a few days ago! Apparently the preservation society is trying to do that to ALL the houses they look after!!

        Can you imagine “Walking” through the Breakers? I cannot wait!

      • Tony

        Ooh Kenny, watch your mouth lol!

  • opinionfree

    To be fair, all of the houses are pretty spectacular. A field of dandelions and a fleet of abandoned cars, wouldn’t take much away from any of them.

    The power of the boxwood. Instant presence and pedigree. When they grow and fill in, which takes forever, they will impart a sense of ‘old money’ and history.

  • Tony

    These are ok but I think my favorite landscaping would be the homes in Bel Air, Holmby Hills, and Beverly Hills. I like the landscaping and gardens and layout of homes like The Manor, Fleur Dy lys, La Belle Vie, and the homes in Beverly Park.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I love the pool areas, the stairs, and the fountains; especially the colorful flowers.

  • Steve

    He actually uses synthetic grass 90% of the time because the weather in North Texas is not conducive to healthy grass. Its amazing you cant even tell it’s fake in the pictures, but a couple cities in the Dallas area are trying to ban the use of it

    • Jason

      I don’t think any of the houses featured here have fake turf. But of course I don’t work for the firm or as an installer.

  • Jason

    you’re right Kenny- Harold Leidner is a terrific landscape architecture firm. one of the best in Dallas. But I’d say Lambert’s is still tops in the area.

    House 1 is a STUNNING Highland Park house on Overhill designed by Larry Boerder and decorated by Betty Lou Phillips. This is her personal residence. It was part of a Holiday Home Tour and it is beyond stunning- inside and out. She is a noted Francophile and has numerous design books. Her last one is a love story to this house and features every room in the house in great detail. Check the book out if you can find it.
    House 2 is also a Highland Park home on Lakeside Drive by Richard Drummond Davis. He is a master of 18th century French architecture.
    House 3 is a 25k+ beast by Robbie Fusch Architects in the Glenn Abbey neighborhood of Far North Dallas. It’s owned by a succesful Ford dealer. Wonder if there are any Taurus’ in his garage??
    House 4 is a massive home in Preston Hollow on Park Ln. It too was designed by Robbie Fusch Architects.

    • Marko

      How do you divide the pictures by houses?

      • Jason

        each of the four horizontal rows are 4 different houses. I can see how they blend as all of them are in a French style. Being that I live in Dallas I’ve driven by each of them and know them well.

        • Marko

          I was looking for the third one and stumbled on an even bigger behemoth – that huge house on the intersection of North Fortieth Place and Frankford Road. Who designed that one? The house in Glen Abbey didn’t seem that big.

          • Jason

            after doing some serious research…Ronald Bogard AIA. I’ve seen it from Frankford. It seems like quite the estate.

          • Marko

            Thank you so much!

            I’ve also checked Lambert’s website and there are some great homes there! I envy you for knowing where they are.

  • Marko

    I’m not seeing any landscaping, only pools and motor-courts.

  • Matt

    I love all of the houses that he has landscaped but my favorite by far is the “secluded residential garden retreat”. It is the first one on the second row when you click on the link below. His houzz page is even better than his website because it has over a thousand photos of his amazing work!


  • Sam

    I love the trees in pics #1-#4 and they give the perfect amount of shade

  • Robert


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