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  • Eric2

    Lets see here…
    2600 sq feet and only ONE [dedicated] bedroom for 10 million?
    Can something so SMALL really be called a “Pent house” ?
    As for the interior, Well been a while since I say the famed “Late 70’s Leisure” Look in a residence. YRCH!

    Eric “The Architecture Curmudgeon”

    • Mak

      ahhh…now that’s more like it. 😉

  • Bill_in_NY

    The library can easily be turned BACK into one of the three original bedrooms.
    And according to wikipedia: “Penthouse apartment: a special apartment on the top floor of a building.” So, yes, it can be called such.

    However, that Red Room is a bit much!

  • Daniel

    Dare I say, the red room is actually my favorite.

  • Grrrowler

    The only room I think is gorgeous is the library. The rest will make a hipster with very wealthy parents extremely happy.

  • John L.

    I’m sure that the Geoffrey Bradfield interiors are driving the price up as well.

    • Joshua


  • opinionfree

    It’s tacky, done tastefully. The designer really pushed the space. Perhaps a bit, too far.

  • Andrew

    ‘Penthouse’? F… off, It’s just a three bedroom flat.

  • Otessa Regina Compton

    I like the living room and the carpet.

  • Venom

    Meh, the interior is too old, needs to be gutted and redone.

  • PS1

    Does anyone know which brand of cabinetry was used in the kitchen?


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